Different Styles To Try With Chokers

Chokers are the jewellery which has been in the fashion world for some good amount of time and are still in trend. If you haven’t tried the chocker necklace than we are here to help you with different types of choker styles which you can go with.

Pairing choker necklace with different outfit ideas:

A basic choker on a lovely dress.

Thick choker on a cosy sweater.

Layer your choker with other necklaces.

Add different chokers made with different fabric like leather and metal.

Here are some more ways you can wear a choker

  1. Leather Pearl Choker
    Leather Pearl Choker: Buy Necklaces at Factory Price - Club Factory

These chokers are something which you should try as they have a bohemian beach feel to it and is great for hotter days. You can make an outfit by pairing some halter top and then add your leather pearl choker and to add some more summer vibe to your outfit you can add a sunhat and shades.

  1. Lace and Dusty Tones
    Grey lace choker | Etsy

If you're going on something romantic then you will need something more attractive then normal choker and for that you can go with some choker that comes with laces in dusty colors. You can add then on a dress which has a wide neckline and goes really well with your choker and it shouldn’t look like you're trying to hard.

  1. For Love And Lemons Jewelry | Silver Rhinestone Thick Choker Necklace |  PoshmarkThick Choker

If you're looking for something edgy then you should learn optimal juxtaposition as it will help you in getting things correctly. You can pair some comfortable and cosy sweater and add your black colored thick choker and in bottoms add some distressed jeans.

  1. Pearls and Karma Metallics
    Style Your Choker In 10 Different Ways! - Women Fitness Org

By doing some good mixing and combination you can get things in place with these chokers. You can start things off with a ling pearl necklace and add a karma pendant necklace and then add this combination to your outfit which can be a casual one.

  1. Layered Choker Necklace
    Lovely Gold Rhinestone Necklace - Layered Choker Necklace - Lulus

By adding different layers of chokers, you can get a good-looking necklace and there is no particular rule to follow when it comes to layering chokers. You can add your layered chocker on a casual outfit like denims on a comfy top for relaxed weekends. In your choker necklace region, you can use different lengths and materials to create something unique and fashionable.  

  1. The Leather and Metallics Combination
    Blue White Pink Jurxy 3PCS Heart Choker Necklace PU Leather Goth Choker  Collar with Heart Punk Fluorescence Collar Adjustable Size Jewelry Collars

If you're someone who is looking to achieve that urban look then before going with necklace go for a leather jacket as it will have more influence on your appearance. You can continue your urban look by adding some long leather necklace combined with metallic pieces. You can add your choker necklace to your casual outfit like a loose top with some skinny denims.

  1. The Classic Strands of Pearls
    Baroque Pearl Three-Strand Choker — FRY POWERS

If you're someone who is into pearls and its jewellery then you must be well aware of jewellery made from different gemstones. You can make some changes in the classic strands to give it that modern touch which will make it look better. You can add them on any outfit which reflects your personality.

  1. Pearl Chokers and Bling Galore

If you're someone who is good in expressing and is passionate about something then you need to have a style which helps in showcasing it. You can try maximalising as the best thing in it is that it doesn’t has any particular rules to follow which gives you the opportunity to make things as per your requirements.

You can go with different chokers, gems, brooches, blings and the list just goes on.

  1. Seashell Choker Necklace
    Choker choker necklace white shell choker white cowrie | Etsy

These chokers are something which you should try during your summer and beach times because it does go well with the beech environment and don’t forget to wear your beech outfit as they do go well with it as well. This might be one of the easiest way of getting that beach vibe and you can also make some DIY as well with your necklace.

  1. Open Choker
    Amazon.com: Open choker necklace gift, pearl necklace, bridal necklace,  wedding necklace, sterling silver choker necklace, minimalist necklace  chocker: Handmade

There are a lot of different shapes and sizes you can go with when it comes to chokers and you should try getting your hands on the open choker which is attractive and can be a substitute to some edgy items.

There are a lot of different ways you can incorporate a choker necklace in your outfit as there are just so many types of choker to try from minimal styled to edgy.


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