Styling With Double Breasted Leather Jacket

The history of double breasted jackets

These jackets do have some differences as compared to other leather jacket in terms of history as well. Double breasted leather jacket have front flaps and symmetrical button columns. They do have some difference as compared to the single breasted leather jacket like it has a single breast, narrow overlap and a single button column.
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Double breasted leather jackets were first seen 19th century and was mainly used as a causal apparel. There are a lot of styles which you can try with your double breasted and here are some which you should consider:
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The question on how to style with double breasted leather jacket is something which disturbs a lot of men. If you have a long double breasted leather jacket then you can opt for something formal. You can add your double breasted leather jacket to your formal suit which is how it was initially worn during the starting years. For some extra spice you can add a scarf to your double breasted leather jacket attire.

If you don’t have a long double breasted leather then a shorter one is still a great option but for casual

Pin by Gabriel Laino on Blue |Mens Fashion| | Mens clothing styles, Mens  outfits, Mens fashion blog events only as they are not too formal. Whenever you're pairing double breasted leather jacket make sure that it is closed as it does make your outfit looks complete.

There are different styles for women and are not that high as compared to male section which does gives you more room to add some unique personal style. For women, these jackets are versatile, and you can wear them in different occasions from casuals to formals. You can start pairing your double breasted leather jacket with some V-necks and in the bottom section you can pair skirts and jeans.
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For shoes you can wear anything from heels to flats depending on your outfit. In terms of fit it should be slim because bulky jackets just won’t go well. For women, a lot of layering just won’t work well, and you should also avoid thick apparels as well.

Custom double breasted leather jackets

Everyone has a unique style and is different from other people and if you're among those people who haven’t got a double breasted leather jacket which goes well with their personality then going with a custom made double breasted leather jacket is something which you should opt. There are a lot of manufacturers who do make a lot of custom double breasted as per your requirement and style.

Whenever you're going with a custom double breasted leather jacket make sure that you're telling them all of your requirements clearly.

Just like any other apparel the double breasted leather jacket does comes with different cons and pros and the best pros which you can get with the double breasted leather jacket is that there are custom options, and you can create the jacket as per your personality, requirements and measurements which is a great thing to have if you're someone who wants to showcase your personality.

Another great thing about double breasted leather jacket is that the fitting and comfort it gives you. if you're buying a pre-made double breasted leather jacket then the chances of getting that perfect fit is not high as it is not completely made as per your body and altering the fitting can get a bit tough this is where a custom made jacket takes the edge as it is made especially for you and will fit every inch perfectly.

The fitting of your leather jacket should be absolutely perfect because it is like your second skin and in pre-made sizes it is a tough thing to find the correct and perfect size and if you don’t want to go through size altering then custom leather jackets are always there for you.

All of these pros do say that going with the custom made double breasted leather jacket is a better option and if you are going for it then you have a lot manufactures to go with but before choosing anyone make sure that you're going through all the manufacturers and choose which ever allows more freedom and versatility with styling. There are a lot of things which you should consider if going for the custom double breasted leather jacket. Starting with the type of leather to go with, there are different types of leather which you can go with but for leather jacket it is preferred to go with cowhide, lambskin, or goatskin because they are durable and looks better as its ages.  

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