Wearing leather short dress only in summers? It is time to do something unique and stylish by wearing your short leather dress during colder seasons. During the winter season you can try wearing your stylish leather dress by incorporating in into different outfits. This is something fun and trendy which you can do by using a variety of outfits that goes well with your personality and style without making you uncomfortable. If you are planning to wear your short leather dress during the winter season, then you should know what other items you will need.

  • Choosing the correct leather dress

Whenever you are choosing leather for any leather apparel make sure you are opting for real leather. There are some other types of leather which are available in the market like faux leather from which you have to stay away because a lot of these faux leather are sold as real leather which is a big lie and can scam a lot of people. Faux leather comes with a similar look like real leather but apart from this there are no other similarities which we can find. This is the main reason why you have to be safe from faux leather and opt for real leather.

A good quality leather dress will provide some great level of insulation which allows your body to stay warm and comfortable during the winters. There are different types of genuine leather which you can find but going with Napa is a great option because it is considered to be one of the best when it comes to making leather apparels.  

  • Sleeves or Sleeveless

If you are planning to wear your short leather dress during the winters, then you will have some sleeve options as well like sleeve or sleeveless. Considering it is winter you can go with leather dress with sleeve because they will be better in keeping you warm. Sleeved leather dress will cover your arms and avoid getting them all cold during the winter season.  

To make sure that you are getting every extra protection against winter season, then going with a dark color will not disappoint you. The main reasons why dark colors are great when it comes to winter is because they can absorb more heat as compared to other color options. When you wear a white leather dress during winter it will just reflect any sunlight reaching it and will not hold any added heat, which is something we do not want during cold winter days. On the other hand if you opt for a black colored leather dress, then it will give you better warmth by retaining heat. Black is not the only color that you can have during the winters because any dark color will do the job like navy, dark green, etc.

Styling your leather dress during winters

You can try keeping things simple initially by opting for a white knitted sweater along with your black leather dress which will give you the required warmth you need during the winters without disturbing your style and comfort. Along with this you can try adding some accessories as well like shades and heels to have that finishing touch to your outfit.

You can layer your short leather dress with a turtleneck which can give you a younger look.

If you want to add something dramatic to your attire, then try opting for a red patent leather dress which comes with a golden colored belt which will give you an attractive and unique look.

You can also wear a tweed coat layering your black dress and add some tights and black leather boots to have a finishing touch to your outfit.  

Another great outfit which you can try is pairing a sleeveless short leather dress with a warm denim jacket.

You can also get a thin leather dress with some lace embellishments and opt for accessories like a necklace to finish your look.

A different colored leather dress like brown with some bell sleeves will be a great addition to your winter wardrobe.

You can also wear a crisp white shirt and layer it with your black leather dress.


Whenever you are opting for a leather dress make sure that you are getting the perfect fit as well because if it is too tight or too loose because it will just make you look out of the place. You can always wear your short leather dress during the winters but make sure you are pairing them with appropriate apparels who will give you the warmth and style without messing with the overall comfort level.

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