Styling Hoodies-Tips To Remember

A layered outfit

Hoodies hold great potential in them and almost everyone know that. Wearing a hoodie is not always about the statement you will make as you can use it as a layering option and still make a good-looking attire. There was a time, where if you world some hoodies people will instant feel that you are some sort of robber.

Today, there is no such things which is great as it will help us in getting the most out of the hoodies, but there are some tips which you should remember whenever working with hoodies.

The hoodies were initially used as a uniform for factory worker but today it is a great fashionable item in the casual clothing category.

The History of The Hoodie
History of The Hoodie / Hooded Sweatshirt | SANVT

The hoodies were initially made by a sports company known as Champions and were made a uniform and were made in the year 1930s. The main purpose for these hoodies was simple as it was just used to provide good amount warmth to the athletes during harsh winter times. After that time hoodies were acquired by hip-hop culture, stag parties, snowboarders, etc.

The Hoodie Comeback

Hoodies are one of the best apparels which you can get if you are looking to add some good amount of comfort to you attire. As the hoodie has returned to the fashion world this just means that athleisure wear is having a great time.

Here are 5 different ways you can wear your hoodie:

Layered look

Having a cosy looking hoodie is beneficial because you can get the most comfort and warmth while looking sharp. To make an outfit you can start things off with some white crew-necks a pair of jeans and then start the layering by adding a hoodie and then a jacket or coat over it, finish your look by adding some good looking trainers.

As an Athleisure Look

Athleisure looks are great for hoodies because that is how they were worn initially. When we talk about comfort and coolness athleisure wear is an option you can look for. The baggy style is something which is something of the old days. Today fabrics are getting softer and heavier, and the fitting has also become sharper.

To make a full athleisure attire you can pair some fitted joggers and sneakers with your hoodies.

Layering with leather jacketLeather jackets and hoodies are great when it worn together and will work after every season.

There is no doubt that hoodies have changed and improved as the years have gone in terms of the fitting and the quality. Therefore, you can look at a good-looking hoodie as an investment which you can pair with different apparels. You can start things off by opting for a good looking black colored leather jacket and a pair of jeans. You can try hoodies in different colors and choose which ever suits the best as per your style and preferences, to complete your look you can look for some Chelsea boots.

With Tailoring

You can pair your hoodies with some apparels like straight legged jeans and to make a sharp impact you can wear them under a unstructured suit. You can make an outfit out of this by pairing a grey-colored hoodie with suit in a darker shade of grey and in footwear you can add some sneakers.  

With Tailored Trousers

This might not be the best way to mix smart and casuals but still you can wear hoodies with some smart apparels without any hesitation. You can pair your hoodie with some formal long coats and even with wide trousers. You can make an outfit with the help of some neutral-colored hoodies and pair them with some trousers and sneakers. If you are feeling like experimenting things, then you can wear some patterned bottoms.

General Hoodie Guidelines
Zip-up vs. pullover hoodie | Which is better? SANVT

Avoid going with your old hoodies if you have any because those were well suited the 2000s teenager only.

In terms of quality, you should always look for good quality cotton which will last for some good amounts of years.

Pullover hoodies are better and smarter as compared to the zipper ones.

Before going with what is trendy make sure that your wardrobe has the basic essentials and try to choose colors and designs which are versatile.

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