Removing Wrinkles from Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are on of the most fashionable piece of item you can have in your wardrobe. They are the best type of jackets you can ever own because of the features it can provide like durability, fashion, style, versatility, and long lasting which and finding all of these features in one jacket is very difficult.

Leather jackets have a great history because they were first used for military purposes during the World War but in time it did made its way to the world of fashion.


There are different styles and designs available in leather jackets which makes them suitable for different personalities. Leather jackets are long lasting but to get the most out of this feature you have to take good care of it and good precautions as well. Handling leather jackets is not a difficult job to do because there certain things which you should ad do and some to avoid.

Wrinkles are something which the leather jacket can develop when it is folded for a long period of time which is another reason why you should always hand them.

Here are few things which you can do to remove wrinkles from your leather jacket:


Steaming is effective but every steamer might not help you because a cloth steamer can cause some damage. There is a simpler way you can steam your leather jacket without causing any damage. You can just hand your leather jacket in your bathroom and just turn your hot water shower but make sure your leather jacket is not getting wet.

The steam coming from the hot water shower will remove wrinkles from your leather jacket and will not cause any harm as well. If you still see any wrinkles on your leather jacket you can just smoothen it with your hands.

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Ironing is not recommended when it comes to leather jacket, but you can iron them carefully to remove wrinkles which you can do by keeping a towel on top of your leather jacket. After this you can turn the iron on and keep at the lowest to make sure that the leather jacket is not getting too much of heat. You should not have any water in your iron because there are chances that it might spill.

You can start ironing your leather jacket and apply gentle pressure when you're doing it. by moving or applying too much of pressure there are chances that your leather jacket can face some damage.


There are different objects which you can choose to create some pressure on your leather jacket. Start by keeping your leather jacket on a flat hard surface and then you can keep your objects to wrinkle out the area.

Heavy books are the most preferable options here and after placing them you can just leave your leather jacket for overnight. In case there are some deep wrinkles then you might have to use different methods apart from one.


If your leather jacket is made from real leather then you can use alcohol to remove wrinkles. Finished leather come with a harder texture as compared to unfinished because they have an extra protective layer. You can check if your leather jacket is finished or not just by scratching the surface and if it is of the same color as your leather jacket then it is finished. If your leather jacket is not finished then going with the hot water shower is a better option for you.
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Before using any alcohol on your leather jacket you should test them which you can do that on a discreet area of your leather jacket and just use a clean cloth to rub alcohol gently and if that area doesn’t lose any color you can use it on your leather jacket.

You can continue removing wrinkles and reshaping it with alcohol until you get a satisfying result. After you're done you can use a different clean cloth and just apply a bit of alcohol to moist it.

After this you can work on the wrinkled area by applying some pressure to make sure all the creases and wrinkles are gone. After everything is done you can remove all the extra alcohol from your leather jacket and let it dry naturally.

Apart from this alcohol is also great when it comes to cleaning leather which means you have done two work in one go.

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