Business Professional Attire: Essential Tips for Men and Women

When you are looking for styles which are the most formal in nature, then considering business professional will do the job for most cases. This style does not come with high flexibility and is an amazing option work events that demand high level of formality.

In case you are looking to have a great first impression at your new job and want to blend in quickly, then going with business professional style is a great option.

There are a lot of things which matters when it comes to your career, but one thing which is underestimated is your overall fashion.

The corporate culture is not stable at this moment and is changing at a rapid speed, this is the reason why a lot of companies from different parts of the world are adopting a more relaxed office dress code.

There are a lot of information out there which you can learn about what you should be wearing, but following and believing everything is something you should not do. However, you should be looking to check your company’s dress code first and then make your choices.

When we compare business casual wear to business professional wear, then things are very different. The first difference which we can see is the overall strictness of business professional attire along with efforts.

Do not be worried about all of this as we have got you covered and prepared this simple and useful article that can be beneficial for your office fashion.

What exactly is business professional?

To explain things in simple words, then business professional is nothing but a type of dress code which a lot of companies follow along with modern work ethics. Looking at the main purpose of this dress code, then it is something that is opted to achieve an outfit that is professional and can showcase skill set. This is the main reason why you should make sure the outfit fits you perfectly and has that profession and classy look.

If you are working in a company that is relaxed in dress code and allows business casual outfit, then even they tend to choose business professional attire for their important meeting and formal occasions.

You will popularly find professional business outfits in courts, corporate places, banks and government offices as well.

Difference between business casual and business professional

The first vital difference that we can find between these two is the suit. If we look at business casual outfits, then it comes with some causal and some formal pieces. However, business formals are very different because they come with strict rules which are restricted to the overall professional look.

Example of business casual outfit is by combining a button down shirt with some parts and office shoes. This combination is pretty relaxed and showcases what business casual is. However, when it comes to business professional outfit, then things are different because a formal suit is what explains it perfectly.

Things you should do and avoid with business professional attire. 

  • For the lovely ladies, you should be looking to avoid outfits that show a lot of skin. You can also add panty house for better covering.
  • Head coverings in the form of hats and caps are not allowed as well until they are worn for religious purposes.
  • In the accessories section, you should try keeping things minimal.
  • Pay close attention to your footwear as it will be a vital part for your outfit. You should definitely avoid footwear like sneakers and sports shoes as they something you should never wear in business professional outfits.
  • Apart from all of this bright colors are inappropriate as well in business professional and always look to include neutral shades.


Business Professional outfit For Women 

When we are talking about business professional outfits, then things are pretty simple for men when compared to the ladies because they just have to make a choice for their suits and other factors are pretty much restricted. Whereas in the women’s section there are different types of styles which gives rise to different tasks of preparing an outfit. Therefore, to make things simple we have listed some essentials that you will need for a business professional look. 


When it comes to shirts, then we have got better variety as compared to the men’s section. You can choose your shirt in crewneck, collared shirts, and some round necks as well which you can wear with your suit outfits. However, paying attention to the quality and overall fitting of the shirt is also important. Apart from this you also have the option to choose some white and black stripes to have a classy and elegant look.



Footwear is one the things that people tend to notice first in your outfit. This is the reason why you should pay attention to it. You have the option to choose footwear like pumps and heels but make sure the length is not higher than 2.5 inches.

Skirts and pant suits

The options for choosing business professional outfits ranges from suits, midi dress and skirt suits as well. In the women’s section we can also find the color reaction which is to avoid vibrant colors. In the color section you have the option to go with the usual neutrals like black, navy blue, brown, and grey. You can also include some stockings in black color to make sure you minimize the skin show.

Business Professional outfit For Men

The way you look and how your personality is does has a vital impact on your professional life. This is the main reason you should always check the dress code of your company before taking any step as your professional life is very important. To make things simple for you we have created some essentials you will need here.

Formal Dress Shirt 

The shirt which you choose for your business professional outfit has enough potential to enhance or just ruin your whole outfit. Therefore, you should always look for shirts that are in light and neutral shades when compared to your suits. Having that contrast between your shirt and suit is important. In most cases you can go with shirts that are in white and light blue shade which you can wear with your business professional suit.

Business Suit

The overall business professional style is prepared around the classic suit. The very popular office suits which we see can be found in different colors like black, navy blue, brown, and any other dark neutral color is something that you can consider for business professional wear for different formal occasions and meetings. When it comes to your suits, then you can go with plaids and pinstripe but make sure you avoid broken suits. Blazers and pants that are jot matched properly are considered as business casual outfit and do not come under business professional outfit.

Formal Shoes 

This is a no brainer because having good quality formal leather shoes is important for a professional look. In the color section you have two options black and brown and that’s it. Any other type of shoe or color does not fits into the business professional dress code.


Having that perfectly tied tie is very important for your professional outfit and a great way to enhance the overall look. When your suit has open collars, then that is not the best thing when you are attending a very formal event or meeting. For your ties you should go with dark and contrasting ties. For patterns you can go with striped and dots. The length of your tie should perfectly land before your belt.

Final word

If you are going to enter your first office, then having a great impression is very important for your career, and the first thing which a lot of people tend to look at is your overall appearance and how you style. Therefore, having that perfect business professional outfit is really important irrespective of where you’re working. This was an article about important things you should know about business professional dress code and make sure you check the actual dress code of your office before making any moves.



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