Style Showdown: Unveiling the Elegance and Utility of Peacoats and Trench Coats

If we look at the fashion essentials in men’s fashion world, then we can find trench coats and peacoats are common items for many eras. During the initial years these coats they were used as uniforms for military. However, if we look at the current situation, then it is highly used for fashion purposes only.  

Peacoat and trench coat are usually referred as outerwear belonging to the men’s section but in the last few years we can see them just sliding into the female section as well.

When it comes to the occasion, then they are mostly used during the winter season and are an essential part of it mainly because of the warmth and protection they can provide. Peacoats and trench coats have a similar beginning but still they do come with differences.

In this article we will be looking at the differences these apparels come with. The first difference which we can notice is that peacoats are made from wool whereas trench coats are made from fabric which is heavy-duty and resistant to water.

This is not the only difference which we can find in peacoats and trench coats as there are some other factors as well like lengths, shape, size, detailing, design, practicality, etc.

Having knowledge about different factors is important because it helps in increasing your understanding about these two apparels. Apart from this, having enough information is important if you are looking to buy any one of these items in the coming future.

What exactly is a trench coat?

By now we all are pretty well aware of the fact that trench coats are essential for the winter season because of its construction. Trench coats are made from fabrics which are resistant to water and are thick as well. There are different types of shapes, sizes and colors in which you can find your trench coat.

During the initial years of trench coat they were highly used by the people who were at higher ranks in the army. Trench coats come with high level of insulation which is one of the reason why they are great choice by men and women during the winter season.

When we look at the style and design of trench coats, then we can find them in double breast along with some button fastening. Apart from this, you do have the option to go with single breasted trench coats as well.

What exactly is a peacoat?

When we look at peacoats, then the overall length is a bit on the shorter side as compared to trench coats. Apart from this, peacoats also come in double breasts on the front side. outerwear were usually preferred by sailors from different parts of the world because of the woolen construction of peacoats which helps in getting a warm feel. In case of peacoats, we do get buttoned fastening along with a modern look.

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During the initially years of peacoats, they were only available in navy blue colors and were preferred by sailors. As the time goes by, we have seen different types of color options in peacoats. However, if we look at the design, then nothing has changed significantly.

Guide for your peacoats and trench coats

To make sure we understand the difference between trench coats and peacoats in a proper way.

Here we have prepared a list of differences that you should know between peacoats and trench coats.

Differences in fitting of trench coat and peacoat

During the initial stages, peacoats come with a straight fitting which also added a touch of flare which was great helps in adding that level of ease and flexibility.

The overall appearance of peacoat is on the blouse side but does comes with that masculine feel mainly because of the build. If we look at the current situation of peacoats, then the fitting did get some changes and became more tapered. This tapering helps in achieving a look which is definitive and strong.

In case of trench coats, then they also had straight cut but still the overall fitting was on the looser side. The main reason behind this loose fitting is to provide comfort to the wearer as it was usually worn by military officers. Coming to the current situation, then the fitting is still loose which is a benefit as it helps in layering different apparels.

The initial versions of trench coats did not come with insulation which means they lacked warmth which mean you have to wear some sweater or top underneath it to have that warm and comfort look and feel.

Difference in fabric of trench coats and peacoats

For peacoats we all know that wool is very popular option because of the warmth and protection it comes with. apart from this wool is a fabric which comes with thickness that can help in enhancing the comfort level.

During the initial years of peacoat we can find the, being made from wool only but in today’s world there are different types of fabrics used like wool, cotton, polyester, and nylon. This combination of different fabrics offers to reduce the overall price of the peacoat. However, if you are looking to get a peacoat which is completely made from wool, then the price will definitely increase.

If we look at the initial versions of trench coats, then they were actually made from rubber which is quite a surprising fact in itself. The main reason why trench coats were made from rubber is because they provide that extreme protection against rain. However, after a few years the usage of rubber was a bit unnecessary because of the advancement in technology. This rubber was substituted with cotton, which was light in weight, strong, and had resistance against water as well. Apart from cotton we can also see trench coats in other fabrics as well like polyester and nylon.

Differences in lengths of trench coat and peacoat

As peacoats were initially preferred by sailors who opted for it because of the length which was long enough to suit their requirements. If we look at the traditional length of peacoats, then it should be something near the middle thigh or below it.

In case of trench coats things are different because they are longer than peacoats and can reach below your knees. The main reason why trench coats have this length is because they help in enhancing the protection against wind and rain. Trench coat are pretty practical as well. They do come with great length which is great for protection but do alter with your basic body movement.

Difference in design of trench coats and peacoats

When it comes to the design of peacoats, then things are pretty similar if we compare it with the original design. Even if there are different types of evolution, the original factors of peacoats like large collars, buttoned fastening, double breasted, etc. All together gives us a peacoat which has uniqueness and a great design.

If we look at trench coats made for men, then they do come with great level of practicality because of how they are made. There are some similarities between trench coats and peacoats like button fastening and double breasted design.

However, if we look at trench coats, then they do come with a unique design like the sleeve straps. These sleeve straps do help in adding that flexibility. We can also find sleeves with cuff styles which will give you that protection against water and wind.

Another features which is unique in trench coats like shoulders epaulettes which adds that level of protection. We can find a lot of trench coats with shoulder epaulettes which also gives a great aesthetic. This combination of practicality and aesthetic is just great.

Final word

By now we know there are some significant differences between trench coat and peacoat which existed, but we all were not aware of them. These were some of the differences that we can see between the two legends of outerwear, and I am pretty sure there are more as well.

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