Mastering the Art of Blazer Fashion for Women

Classy Blazer Outfit For The Ladies

There are a lot of essential items which you should have in your wardrobe ranging from causal to formal styles. One of the many fashion items are blazers. When we are talking about, then they are Less structured as compared to suit jackets. Apart from this if we compare blazers to fall jackets, then they more on the polished side. If you are preparing a wardrobe or already have a wardrobe, then including a blazer is very important.

Things are pretty obvious here because you can create some amazing and classy looking outfits with your blazers. You are not limited to a certain number of outfits because it comes with a lot of versatilities as well that allows you to make different types of outfits in different styles. You can style your blazers with different types of apparels like tees, dresses, skirts, tops, and many more.

Things to wear with your blazers

If we take a look in the menswear, then blazers are mostly worn instead of suit jacket and coats. This helps in making an outfit which is elegant and beautiful.

However, if we look at blazers in the women’s section, then we can find them in different types of styles which helps in creating a lot of outfits. There are different types of colors, fabrics, designs, cuts, etc. You can create different types of outfits ranging from semi formals, formals, and party outfits.

In the blazers section you have different options like pleated, single breasted and double breasted. Apart from this there are some new options as well like waterfall blazers along with peplum blazers.

When it comes to styling a blazer, then it is not mandatory to choose something which is dressy because you can create some unique outfits with the help of essentials and some of your favorite pieces.

Blazers outfits ideas

When you are styling your blazers, then you should start things off by looking at your wardrobe and search for all the colors, fabrics and shapes you have and mostly opt for. However, we do find different types of colors in the blazer section and if you want a color which is versatile, then opting for grey, black, beige, white, etc. would be great. It is not mandatory for you to go with these colors as you do have some room to go with the bright ones. There are a lot of outfits which you can have with neutral colored blazers. You also have the options to go with different prints and textures.

Here are some outfit inspirations which you can consider depending on what you are looking for:

Casual outfits with blazers and jeans

The basic and the most common outfit combination which you can consider is jeans with solid white tee. Things are comfortable pretty basic here which can be a little boring. This is where blazers come into the picture. The first thing which you can go with for your outfit is a solid black blazer which is unstructured and wear them over the basic combination of slim fitted jeans along with a crop top. In the footwear section you can go with some black pumps.

Another great outfit idea which you can have been by styling some tank tops along with black sweatpants and layer it with a vibrant blazer. This outfit inspiration is made for occasions when you are not planning to go to work.

Blazers outfits in smart casual style

We are very well aware of the fact that blazers are great option to have for a refined look. when you are going for a smart causal outfit, then including a different types of blazers is vital.

One of many styles which you can have here is an all-white outfit. Start things off by going with some white colored shirts and pair them with straight fitted white pants and layer it with a classic white blazer. This is a very attractive and classy outfit that you can have and can consider it for interviews as well. Finish this outfit by going with some white heels along with a shoulder bag.

Another outfit which you can have in this style is by styling some black pencil dress which is another great stylish apparel you can have. Along with the black pencil dress you can pair them with grey peplum blazers. This combination does come with amazing styles which is refined and stylish. In the footwear section you can add some black stilettos and you are done.  

Turtlenecks are another essentials for a capsule wardrobe and a pretty great option when you are styling with your blazers. Start your outfit by going with some dark green turtlenecks and pair them with some black slacks and layer it over with your beige blazer. To add some extra level of elegance to your outfit you can add some brown sandals.

Styling your blazers in street style

When it comes to styling your blazers in street style, then things are pretty attractive and chilled here. Street styled outfits are pretty attractive and trendy, and you always have the room to add that personal style. If we look at blazers, then they do not come with great insulation when compared with jackets and cardigans. Therefore you can consider wearing blazers during the warmer seasons.

Start making your outfit by going with a white shirt and pair them with a plaid blazer. In the legwear section you have the option to go with some girlfriend jeans and you have a great outfit.

Another great outfit which you can have with your beige blazer is by styling them with midi skirt in blue color. For your footwear you can go with some pumps, and you have a great outfit. The outfit is pretty elegant and still have some room to add Jewelery and shades.

If you feel like experimenting, then you can go with some jumpsuit and pair them with a blazer. For your jumpsuit you should go with some cowl neck jumpsuit and layer it with your favorite linen blazer. This combination is pretty amazing and has a touch of vogue to it. you also have the option to add some stilettos to have extra style to your outfit.

Another unique outfit that you can have by combining a crop top with some printed legwear and layer it with burgundy blazer. Finish off your outfit by going with some brown boots and you are good.

Styling shorts and blazers

The combination of shorts and blazers is a great option to have when you are looking for something causal and unique. This combination is a great option to have when you want a street style. Start making an outfit by going with beige shorts and pair them with a solid blue tank tops. Layer this combination by going with some plaid blazers and finish the whole outfit by going with white sneakers which will add a casual look.

Another outfit which you can go with by going with tie dye along with denim shorts and for the blazers you choose some light pink blazers. This is a pretty causal outfit which has that funky feel as well.

Outfit with oversized blazer

There are a lot of oversized items trending these days and the same thing can be said about oversized blazers. Having an oversized blazer in your outfit is a pretty great idea and a statement piece as well. You can style your oversized blazer with some slim fitted or body hugging items that will help in having a balanced outfit.

Start preparing an outfit by going with a dark orange Henley and pair them with some brown flared pants and layer everything with a classic black oversized blazer. This outfit is pretty amazing and attractive, and you can finish things off by going with some toe heels.

Final word

Women fashion world come with a lot of flexibility which allows us to style blazers in multiple ways. If we look at today’s situation of fashion world, then blazers are not limited to formal outfits. These were some of the outfits which you can have with blazers, and you can always add some personal touches to different outfits.

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