Bomber Jacket Fitting To Give The Perfect Appeal

Bomber jacket come with great features like elegance and versatility which makes them perfect for different casual occasions. You can pair your bomber jacket with different apparels likes tees, chinos, jeans, etc. To make sure you are getting the most from your bomber jacket start things off by getting it in the correct fitting.

There are different snuggy and loose fitting and avoid getting confused.

Bomber leather jacket fitting:

The initial bomber leather jackets came with a tighter fitting as compared to the modern bomber leather jacket. There are different types of styles which you can get in bomber leather jacket.

Here are some fitting tips which you should follow:
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The shoulder of your bomber leather jacket should be in line with your shoulders which will give a comfortable fitting and provides a structured look.


Sleeves of your bomber leather jacket should be around your wrist and be fitted there which will avoid any sliding.


The bomber leather jacket comes with an elastic waistband which should end at or just below your belt and there should not be too much of stretch.


There are different types of collar which you can get in your bomber leather jacket. You can get an upright rib-knit collar or a shirt type of collar which is more on the breathable side.  

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In comparison modern bomber leather jackets is looser as compared to real leather jackets of that time.


You will feel that these leather jackets are on the loose side near your chest and waist area, but it can help in adding different types of layering.


The shoulder seams on the nylon jacket can fall half an inch further than your shoulder break, as soft fabric, the nylon jacket is going to drape well over your shoulders without looking boxy.


It is important to have some space in the arm area and you can compare them with different classic jackets. For the sleeves you can opt for the normal length.


The waist of your bomber leather jackets should be below your belt because it will help in avoiding any cold breeze to pass into you.

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Shearling leather jackets do come with different similarities with the real leather. These jackets might feel a bit tight which mainly happens due to the insulation provided. If you are looking to add different layers to your outfit, make sure there is enough for that.


The shoulders of your jacket should be in line with you real shoulder which will help in getting a relaxed attire.


Since the leather jacket doesn’t comes with elastic cuff therefore choose a leather jacket which comes with longer sleeves.


The waist of your leather jacket should be below your belt to make sure there are chilly winds getting inside.


The collar of your bomber leather jacket should be fitting close to your neck but not too closed.  

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