A Marvelous Guide For Leather Shirts

Leather has been in the fashion industry from a long time in the forms like jackets, coats and shoes. Whenever we think of leather a lot of people tend to think of leather jackets because it is pretty popular but there are different leather apparels which is worth trying. Lightweight leather shirts are getting a lot of attention these days and it is worth trying.
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So, what is a Leather Shirt?

Initially leather shirt might be looking similar to leather jackets but when seen closely there are a lot of difference between a leather shirt and a leather jacket apart from the styling perspective.

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Leather shirts are made from real leather and there are different types of leather which you can find your leather shirts in and each type of leather comes with a different property. The leather used can differ as per the design. The leather used in an open front leather is different from a closed front shirt.

Difference between a Leather Shirt and a Leather Jacket.

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The main design is an obvious difference between leather shirts and leather jacket. An open front leather shirt is different from bomber jacket.


The way we use both of these two leathers apparel do make a difference. Jackets are mostly used as a layering item of the attire. You can wear your leather jackets with different apparel like tees, formals, sweatshirts, etc. Leather shirts are different in such situations because they are more on the versatile side. You can wear them as a shirt and as a layering item as well.

Types of leather shirts

Leather jackets have a category as per their designs and style but when it comes to leather shirts things are not similar because leather jackets are in the fashion industry from a long time whereas leather shirts are newer.

Sleeve length:

There are two types of sleeve length which you can get, full and short.  Short sleeves are better for summers. apart from this you can also get some sleeveless leather shirts as well which you can wear during summer and springs and full sleeves are preferred for winters.

Front design:

Leather shirts two types of front design like, open front and closed front. If you are looking to wear the shirt on its own, then going with a closed front design is better. If you are looking to wear them as a layering item, you can look for an open front design.

Styling with leather shirts.

There are different types of leather shirts for both the gender. there is no doubt that leather shirts come with great styles. Styling a leather shirt might be a difficult thing because they are new in this fashion world. This can be a good thing as well because you can try different combination and can add a personal touch as well.

Here are different types of styles which you can try with your leather shirts.

Business casual:
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A lot of people tend to spend a lot of times in their workplace. Office attires can get a bit boring after a few months therefore it is important to keep things interesting and adding leather shirts can help in that.

Bright colors are not the best option when it comes to business attires therefore it is important to stick to the classic blacks and browns. You can get some full sleeves open front black leather shirts which you can use like dress shirts and if needed you can pair them with some turtlenecks as well.

Weekend comfort:

Leather shirts come with a great feature and keeping you comfortable is one of them. You can pair your comfy leather shirts with some woollen pants and some comfortable sneakers which will give great level of comfort along with styles. You can wear this attire for shopping and casual outings with your friends.  

15 Leather Shirt Outfits To Wear In Fall - Styleoholic

There are different meanings which you can take from the term streetwear, here it means the experimenting outfits. The street style is more about creating different styles with a touch of personality. You can try different apparels like ripped jeans and turtlenecks.

Shirt and jacket:

A lot of people tend to avoid this, but you can layer your leather shirts with some shirts and jackets but up to a limit only. You can use different types of textures for your attire for a better-looking outfit. If the leather shirt which you are using has a shiny texture you can opt for a jacket which comes with a suede texture which will look well during winters and can provide great warmth as well.

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