Green Jacket Add Maroon Pants.

Summer is right in the corner which means colors of winter have to leave to make some room for bright and cool colors. Monochromes were in trend a few years ago but now the fashion scene has completely changed as there are a lot of cool and bright colors now. In this summer you should try some new and different and unique styles by adding some vintage items as well. With the help of your bright colors you can get that summer look and spice things up especially when you are out with your friends.

You can try adding a green jacket along with some maroon pants to get a great looking summer outfit. This color combination is said to stay in this fashion world for some good amount of time which makes it safe for coming years as well. In the jacket section you can choose a one which comes with a round neck because it can help in keeping the cold wind out along with lifting up your style. In terms of fabric there is nothing better than real leather because there are a lot of features which it offers that are rare to find in any other fabric. The standard pant option for almost every type of jacket is black but there is a new color option which you can try to add some uniqueness to your attire.
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You can add some maroon pants which will help in adding some funky style to your attire which will also help in bringing some fresh air to your wardrobe. To complete your attire, you can look for some wedges instead of normal boots because it goes well with the green leather jacket. In the jewelry section you should go for something simple like studs or just a simple slide for your hair. You can also go for some matching silver accessories as well which are beautiful and attractive.

In this season you should try to add some new colors and styles to your wardrobe which will allow you to explore more about your style. In terms of makeup something on the neutral side will be fine but you can add some lipstick in maroon color to add some spice to your attire. these styles will help in keeping things unique and stylish.

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