Comparison Between Short Sleeve And Long Sleeve Leather Tops

There are a lot of top options with different fabric, design, and style and sleeve length. Leather is the most unique fabric option you can go for as it is stylish, durable, versatile, etc. leather when compared to other fabrics is also softer and warmer and are more long lasting.

There are a lot of people who will agree to the fact that leather tops are way more attractive and warm then other tops. There are different sleeve lengths in leather tops as well which can be a tough choice to make.

In comparison between short and long sleeve length the short length leather top will only cover the top part of your arm which is just a few inches off your shoulder but in case of long sleeves they will cover your whole arm.

Advantages of a Short-Sleeve Leather Top

Short leather sleeves are great for warmer season like spring and summers as they only cover as very small portion of your arm which automatically makes it suited such months.

You can also tan your body properly by wearing a short sleeve leather top as it will expose more skin as compared to long sleeve leather top. By wearing a long sleeve leather top you obviously won’t be able to get a good tan as your arms are totally covered.

Taking care of short sleeve leather top is also easier than long sleeve leather top as they have less fabric on them as compared to long sleeve ones. In short sleeve top you also don't have to worry about any damage or wrinkling of sleeves which makes it more long lasting then long sleeve leather top.

Even after this you still need to take good care of short sleeve leather top as it not then they will premature.


Advantages of a Long-Sleeve Leather Top

There are a lot of good reasons to choose short sleeve leather tops but that doesn’t make long sleeve leather top any bad.

Long sleeve leather top will provide you better warmth in colder months as they will cover more skin as compared to short sleeve leather top.

Comparatively, long sleeve leather tops are more fashionable and stylish then short sleeve leather top. Long sleeves are more attractive as well as they are more visible. All of these features don't make short sleeve tops any less attractive as there are a lot of people who will choose short sleeve over long.

Long sleeve leather top will offer you a more formal look when paired with formal attire which won’t be possible with short sleeve leather top.

You can wear both short and long sleeve leather top for any casual outfit but long sleeve has the potential to offer some formal looks which short sleeves are not capable of.

Sleeveless leather tops

These tops are very self-explanatory and they are also known as leather tank because they are sleeveless top made from leather. Leather tank tops are getting a lot of attention now-a-days. They do have similar benefits like short sleeve leather tops. The only difference in short sleeve and sleeveless is that short sleeve do cover some parts of your arm while sleeveless won’t.


Choosing the Correct Sleeve Style

You can choose any sleeve style as it totally depends on your taste and preferences. No matter what you choose but make sure that they are made from good and high quality genuine leather.

If you're still confused then here are some tips which can help you to choose:

Consider the season: If you are going to wear leather tops in colder months than go with long sleeve while for hot months short sleeve would be preferred.

Different sleeve length: there are different sleeve lengths in long and short sleeve and the length can vary in different leather tops. Therefore make sure you’re looking at all options and choosing accordingly.

Always look for leather tops made from high quality genuine leather as there are a lot of leather tops which are made from faux or artificial leather which might have the same appearance but in terms of internal features they are nowhere near real leather.

Choose a correct size: choosing a correct size as per your body is really important as fit can change the way you look in them and always go for the fit which suits you perfectly and never settle for small sizes as they might shrink in some rare cases.


There are different sleeve lengths available and there are no wrong choices and choosing it totally depends on your personal taste. Choose your leather top sleeve length according to the season you're going to wear them for example short sleeves are well suited for summer while long for winter.


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