Blazer Pant Colors You Should Try In 2022

Whenever you are making a wardrobe, then it is important for you to add something like a classic blazer. If you are looking to enhance your overall outfit, then going with a blazer will absolutely do the job for you. You can trust a classic blazer to work in different occasion ranging from the casual to formals.

You can easily pair your suit jacket or blazer with different types of modern casual outfits. This combination will give the classic suit outfit but with a modern and causal touch. There are different types of blazer outfits that you can go with while keeping in mind the color combination you opt for.

This is exactly what we are planning to do in this article. There are different types of color combination which you should be trying this year. As there are different color combination it helps in deciding which occasion you can wear it on ranging from business meetings to parties with your friends.

Nonetheless, here are some color combination which you can give a try:

Brown Blazers and Denim Jeans

This might hit a lot of people by shock, but yes, you can actually style some blazers with your denim jeans without even looking out of place considering you wear them to the correct place and occasion. This combination can be considered as a part of broken suits because it uses the same concept of taking different parts from different styles and creating a single outfit. This combination is very fun to try and also gives you that trendy feeling. You can trust it to different occasions ranging from causals to semi-formals.

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Start making your outfit by going with a great base for your blazer like a white or black tee and layer it with your brown blazer. Continue with the outfit by pairing some washed denim jeans which will help in giving your outfit that causal touch. In case you feel the temperature is too low, then do not fear in adding some sweaters and scarves to your outfit accordingly.

This combination of brown blazers with washed denim jeans is an absolute statement piece that you should have in your wardrobe.

Blue Blazer and White pants

Broken suits are something which is getting a lot of attention in the recent days and originates from Italy. Blue blazers are great, and everyone is well aware of it, however the game changer here are the white pants which just gives us that bold appeal.

Fun groomsmen wedding day attire- deep midnight blue suit coat, white pants

Start making an outfit by going with some crisp white shirt or just a waistcoat and wear it under a navy blue blazer along with your white pants. In case things are a bit on the colder side, then you can go with the trustworthy leather jacket or add a colorful scarf. Add that completing touch to your outfit by going with some shoes like oxblood in dark shades like black and brown.

Green blazers and white trousers

If you are looking to have some amazing outfits this summer or spring season, then keeping your outfit combination game on point should be your first priority. The combination of green blazer with white trousers just in perfectly with the overall setting of summer season. When it comes to the blazer, then you should aim for something which is on the darker side of green like olive.

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Another factor that you should be paying attention to are the fabrics you choose. Look for fabrics like tweed when it comes to your blazers as tactile in nature.

In case you are looking to add some depth in your outfit, then do not be afraid to go with some pleats on your white trousers.

As always you should be looking to finish off the outfit with some footwears like white sneakers if you are planning to attend some causal events and for formal occasions you should be going with the classic suede loafers in brown color.

Burgundy Blazer and Grey Pants

If you are in search of a combination which is a statement piece, then we have got a gem of a combination right here. burgundy is a color which comes with a lot of richness along with subtle energy which makes it a great color option for your blazers. You can trust your burgundy blazers for different parties and causal occasions.

Maroon blazer, grey tie, white striped shirt, grey pants | Maroon blazer, Burgundy  jacket outfit, Pants outfit men

You can style this statement burgundy blazer with some grey pants which will help in balancing out the whole look of the combination and also avoids getting too many statement pieces. When it comes to the inner parts of your outfit, then it is time to avoid the usual shirts and swap them with something cooler like a high neck top which will add that fun character to the whole outfit.

You might have guessed it; it is time to finish off your outfit with some footwear. In the footwear section you should be looking for shoes in darker shades like black and brown. Apart from this there are some accessories as well like a watch and chain which you can add to your outfit in case you are attending a casual occasion.

Grey Blazer and Black Pants

If you are a type of person who likes to have a classic touch in their outfits, then going with grey blazer and black pants might just satisfy you at the right spot. Do not get wrong with the word classic as this color combination can still work wonders in 2022. Therefore going with this color combination will help in achieving a modern look with a hint of statement in it.

Start styling your outfit by going with a classic black or white turtleneck and layer it with your grey blazer which you can further style with some black pants. This outfit combination is a great option to have as it is well polished, elegant, attractive, and pretty easy to pull off as well. 

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When it comes to the grey blazer, then you do have the option to go with different types of textures and designs like plaids which will help in adding some fun and character to your outfit.

Navy blue blazers and khaki pants

When it comes to blazers, then you must be well aware of the classic navy blue color which is super versatile and allows you to pair them with almost any type of color but going with khaki might just be the option.

You can start making your outfit by pairing a crisp white shirt under your navy blue blazer which you can pair with some khaki pants. Finish off your outfit with footwears like black loafers or oxfords. In the accessories section you can go with a watch along with shades.

Oxford Navy Blue Blazer | Generation Tux | Navy Blazer

This outfit combination is great option to have in your wardrobe and works perfectly well with formal meetings and even semi-formals as well.

Black Blazer and Beige Pants

This combination if for people who are looking to have something stylish and attractive while maintaining the level of formality. If you are planning to attend some formal events, then going with black blazer with beige pants is an absolute game changer and the best part here is you do not have to put a lot of efforts into it.

You can simply wear the classic white shirt underneath your black blazers along with the beige pants and you have an outfit that will never go out of fashion. You can also add a bow tie in this outfit in case you feel there is still something missing here. The addition of bow tie will also help adding a refined look to the overall outfit.

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For your footwear do not go anywhere else apart from the classic black shoes. In the accessory zone you have the option to go with the usual watch and some shades if it is sunny outside.

Final verdict

These were just a few color combinations that you can have with your blazers and pants this year to make sure you are making the most out of them for different occasions like casuals and formals. Irrespective of what combination you are planning to go with, it is important for you to choose something which goes well with the occasions you are planning to wear them to.


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