The Difference Between Fake Fur And Original Fur

Living in a place where the winter tends to get to the extreme levels requires good quality apparels that can help in staying warm. If you relate with this, then try getting fur garments in wardrobe is a must. There are types of items you can get this winter like a winter jacket, trench coat, warm leather gloves and the list goes on and on.

In today’s article we will looking the difference between a fake fur and a real fur.

Overview to Fur

When the crispy winter winds start to hit you, the only thing you wish is to have something that can keep your body warm, cozy, and comfortable. The first piece of apparels that you can look for can be a coat which comes with a fur lining which is an essential whenever you are searching for something that can provide warmth.

If you are new to the word fur, then it is nothing but the thick hair of different animals like mink, fox, lynxes, etc. Fur is a great option to include that insulating feature to any clothing item. You can commonly find fur lining in clothing items like jackets and coats.

There are different types of fur out there in the world and we can break them down into two major groups, real fur and fake or faux fur. There is one question that you and almost everyone has which is, “is there any difference between these two”, “which one is better” and many more.

The main purpose of having winter clothes is give you that warm feeling along side great comfort level. Animal fur is undeniably fluffy, cozy, and silky, making it an ideal choice for cold weather outfits.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of animals who are murdered when it comes to collect fur for fashion purposes. Apart from this, there are many fur farms which are infamous because of the appalling living quality of animals used for making fur. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people are against the use of fur for fashion purposes.

Different Types of Fur

We can find fur coming from different sources ranging from natural to artificial sources. The fur which comes from any type of animal source is referred to as the real fur whereas anything that comes from artificial ingredients are called faux fur. There are different types of disadvantages and advantages which we can find depending on what they are made of.

Fashion and Fur

Initially during the ancient time anima fur was usually used for the purpose of fashion which means the use of animal for fur is happening for some good number of years or centuries. The time is changing and so does the technology which has led to the use of other forms and ingredients that can help in getting better and less brutal way.

Use of animal for fur is not yet disappeared but surely it has reduced.

We can see a lot of people especially the highly rated ones like Royals who are seen wearing clothes and outfits which are made from fur. The use of fur in fashion industry is used because it helps in getting that luxurious and wealthy vibe to your outfit. We can find fur additions on different parts of clothes like collar and hems which helps in getting that royal and luxurious feel.

Irrespective of how the situation is with fur, the demand for fur keeps on increasing year after year. When artificial fur was invented, a lot of people preferred buying it instead of real fur which comes from animals. Artificial fur was first seen in 1929 and was an affordable option as compared to real fur which is another reason why a lot of people preferred using faux fur over real fur.

Using For Clothes

Be it real fur or faux fur the demand and usage of fur when it comes to producing fur apparels like coats, jackets, scarves, etc. Fur bomber jackets are an immensely sought after winter essential, and so are shearling jackets which are lined with fur. Keeping the fashion side aside, there are some other usages of fur as well like making carpets, blankets, mats, and furniture items.

Faux Fur

During the initial days technology was just starting and it created many opportunities for production, and this did give rise to artificial faux. Artificial fur is the direct substitute for real fur and does not consist of any animal cruelty.

Faux fur is made from artificial fabrics or any synthetic fibre which are further woven into a mesh that has a similar appearance like a real fur. During the starting days faux fur was considered to be a bit on the rough side which can lead to matting as well. After this the demand for faux fur did get up which in return leads to new techniques when it comes to producing it. Coming to the present, things got upgraded and the faux fur which we find today is on the smooth and silky side which is similar to real fur.  


Faux fur in comparison to real fur is more on the affordable which created chances for people to have that fur experience and have that similar luxurious look and all of this does not include any type of animal cruelty. In terms of durability, they are better than real fur.

The process of making faux fur starts from synthetic fibers and just sewing together. There are many machines in today’s advance world which helps in getting that real fur like texture.

We can also find difference in terms of the price as well and faux fur is more on the affordable side as compared to real fur. The price of your faux fur can vary depending on the quality it can provide.


When you go with faux fur it will help in keeping you warm but when we compare it with real fur, then things are not that warm.

When it comes to the making procedure there is a polyester base which just avoids any type of breathability.

Even though the production consists of having a texture similar to real fur, it is not enough to have the same type of softness.

Real Fur

When the raw fur comes from animal farm it goes for treating and the method is a bit distressed but still it is amazing and completely natural. Here are some advantages and disadvantages which you can get from real fur.


When the animal hide comes for processing it is started by cleaning to make sure there are no impurities and unwanted items. After the cleaning process it is then followed by softening and stretching which prepares the fur to make apparels. During the whole process there are no harmful products used. Apart from this one of the vital advantages which you can see here is that they are biodegradable which aids in breaking it down at a quicker pace as compared to plastic or artificial fabrics.

When you opt for real fur, you will great level of warmth as compared to any other alternate man-made fur. Apart from this real fur is on the breathable side as well which means they are a great option when it comes to using it for mid layering purposes.

Another great feature which you can get from natural fur is that they tend to shed less as compared to their counter parts.


The first major disadvantage which we can see in natural fur is the cruelty involved in the whole procedure of making real fur. During the initial days when fur was used for clothing reasons, there was a solid reason behind it which was to have the needed warmth during the colder season which is something which we cannot consider as a necessity in today’s world because of the availability of alternate options which can help in providing warmth without any animal cruelty.

Apart from this the process of producing fur takes some time which indeed affects the price as well.

Items which include fur does requires attention and care. When it comes to cleaning fur you can only go to professional cleaner because doing it yourself might affect the quality drastically. When you have a coat made from fur, then you have to take good care of it to make sure they are staying with you for good number of years.

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