How To Choose A Leather Trench Coat

Leather trench coats are one of the best types of leather apparel you can invest in as it has all the types of features you look in a coat from aesthetics to longevity. Just like any other leather apparels trench coats are made from high quality genuine leather. The difference between coats and trench coats is that trench coats are a bit longer in length and reaches up to your knee. This feature makes it suitable for winters.

Leather trench coats will make you feel warmer whenever you step outside. If you're going with a leather coat then it will only cover your body up to the waist but in case of leather trench coats they will reach up to your knee and will provide more warmth.

In leather trench coats there are a lot of different types available.

Here are some tips which you should consider before buying any leather trench coats.

Premium Leather
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If you're buying leather trench coats then you should go with a high quality one as it is more like an investment. One thing which you should know is that there are different qualities in leather as well ranging from really high quality to low. For trench coats high quality leather is most preferred.

There is no worse material than faux leather for lather trench coats their price might be a bit attractive but the features which they come are really low even when compared to the lowest level of real leather. Faux leather doesn’t have a real animal grain and only consists of artificial grain. Napa leather which is real leather is said to be the best type of leather because of its soft and supple texture.

Consider Quilted for Extra Warmth
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There is no doubt that leather trench coats will provide you warmth but with the quilts it will just add some more heat as they are especially designed for that. These coats are known as quilted trench coats are mostly because of their construction which includes patches which are stuffed with stuffing material. These patches are stitched in square shapes and their fillings will help in insulation. All of this will help in maintaining the heat inside the coat.

If you don't like the quilted leather trench coat then you can opt for the traditional leather trench coats as well but if you live a really cold country or area then quilted leather jacket are preferred.

Choose the Correct Color

Choosing trench coats without considering the color is something you shouldn’t do. The color of the trench coats depends on what you're going to pair it with. The color of your trench should not contradict with the color of your remaining outfit as it will look like conflicting outfit. To avoid any such situation you should go with versatile colors like black, brown, red, navy or some bright colors like pink or yellow. There are some basic colors in which leather trench coats are available but you can still get some in different colors. Along with color you should also make sure that you're pairing it with correct apparels and accessories.

Hand Pockets
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You will need something to keep your hands in especially in winter season. Instead of wearing any gloves you can just put your hands inside your trench coat’s hand pocket.

Mostly all types of leather trench coats have hand pockets on the front side. The pockets are also made from the same quality of leather as the trench coat is which will protect your hands in the same way they do for your body thus providing more heat.

Consider the Length

The length of your leather trench coats is also important and you should consider it before buying. Leather trench coats do have good amount of length and is more than traditional trench coats. You will find some trench coats which will have a length longer than the normal trench coats and can reach up to your thighs and some can reach your knees as well. The length totally depends on you and your preferences but just make sure that it is not touching ground as it can cause some damage to your coat which is the worst thing you want.

Built-In Belt

You will see some leather trench coats which have built-in belt and you can wrap this belt on your waist to give it a better look and warm feeling. This belt will make you feel warm because it won’t let the front side open thus reducing the exposure to cold winds. Belts will also make you look attractive and will highlight your waistline. If you own a traditional leather trench coat then you can buy a leather belt separately to add more style to your winter outfit.


Leather trench coats are an amazing option for your winter outfit. Make sure that you're buying a trench coat made from real leather as it will provide you some high level of warm feeling and are long lasting as well. The above mentioned points will help in choosing the correct leather trench coats.


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