Different Types Of Body Shapes And Their Uniqueness

There is no body in this world which is beautiful as every human body has something in them which makes them beautiful and gorgeous and the differences make them unique and there is not best or worst type of body shape.

A human’s body is mostly described as per the shapes like diamond, inverted triangle (apple), oval, triangle (pear), hourglass and rectangle are some terms are more common.

You can also see that your body can have some different features like:


This means that you have the same sized waist and hips, or chest and it is also known as the banana.

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This shape means that your hips are broader than your upper torso and you have slim arms as well.  
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This body type is similar to triangle but there are some differences like you might have some pounds in your arms and thigh region.


In this body type you have equal sized shoulders and hips but have a slim waist.  



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Top hourglass

If you have a top hourglass body then you will have an hourglass shape, but your chest area is bigger than your hips.

Bottom hourglass

This body type is same as hourglass, but your hip area is a bit bigger than your chest.

Inverted triangle

If you're an inverted triangle than your upper torso is bigger than your hip region.

Round or oval

In this body type your chest is bigger than your other body parts and your midsection is broader.


This body type describes your hips are bigger than your shoulder region and your chest area is a bit narrow and if you have this body type then you might have some extra pounds in your leg area.  
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This is a very self-explanatory as you're muscular, but this doesn’t mean you will have curves as your shoulder and hip area are approx. same in size.

You must have some questions like why these body types have fruit name synonyms, well the main reason behind this is to remember it in an easier and less technical way.

For example, saying pear is much easier than saying gynoid. A lot of people don’t like this because it more on the objectifying side which isn’t good obviously. There are some cases where many women suffered from anxiety just because of their body type.

Measuring yourself
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If you haven’t got your body type yet then you can measure yourself which will help you in basic shopping.


Ask a friend of family person to help you in this one as you just cannot do it alone, tell them to measure it from one shoulder to another.


Start the measurement from the fullest part and just wrap it around.  


Measuring a waist can get a little tricky as you have to measure just bellow your rib cage and above your belly button.


This is quite simple as you just have to wrap the measuring tape around your hip but don’t forget to cover your larger parts of the butts.

Things which affect your body shape

There are certain things which you define the structure of your bone like if you're curvy then you will have some curve in the spine.

Effect on shape of our body depending on the height

When it comes to height we don’t have the complete control over it because of our genes. Apart from our height genes also decide the fat distribution and it differs from people to people.


Effect of hormones

There are some studies which do say that by taking stress our body releases a hormone known as cortisol which can contribute to some increased fat deposition in our mid-areas and in organs as well.

Production of estrogen can also affect the fat storage and if it is high then you will see that your lower abdomen is high in fat,

Change of shape in years

The main reason why you can face some changes in your body type is the aging factor.

As we grow old the deposition of fats in our body will increase that can affect our metabolism and can lead to losing muscles.

It is also said that getting old can also have an impact on your height.

There was a study done in 2016 says that menopause can affect the distribution of fat and mostly sends it to our abdomen.

Which does means you can see some change in your body type.

Your health goals like losing or gaining weight can also have an impact on your body type.

How to change body type

If you're looking to change your body type then the first thing which you should go for is adding some sort of physical activity like exercising. Doing some exercise everyday will help in reducing fats and increase muscle mass.

This may help you emphasize certain features or alter your overall shape.

For example, you might be able to give your arms more muscle definition with regular training.


Before you think anything always remember that these body types don’t describe how gorgeous you are and if any judge you in that way then just keep distance.

If the type of your body is a bit concerning for yourself then you can start doing some exercise and follow a good diet to get some good results.


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