What Your Clothes Say About Your Personality


You might not know this but your colors have some emotions too. Every color represents a different mood when paired with different colors; therefore clothing colors are important when it comes to selecting clothes.it is really important to choose the correct color if you're going for an interview as it will help you in giving an advantage over the other nominees, and if you got the color all wrong it will give out the wrong message to the interviewer.

Here are some common colors and what it represents about a particular person's personality and mind.

  • Orange:

 People loving yellow are good at socializing and making friends. People who love the yellow-colored dress are tending to be happy in the gatherings of people.

  • Yellow:

Yellow color represents a mind that is good at concentrating; people who prefer yellow color clothes tend to have an unfriendly manner but are not shy. People who love yellow colors are logical and consistent.

  • Red:

Red color tends to draw people towards them which means it represents energy, passion, and extroversion.

. People who like to wear red clothes are mostly aggressive, energetic, and quick in releasing their emotions.

It also indicates that the person is quick in judging people and expressing his/her opinions.  It is good to stay away from a red-colored dress if you're going for an interview as you don't want the interviewer to judge you.

  • Green:

Green color represents that you have lived in a good neighborhood, you have a lot of friends and you like to socialize. These people are also environment-friendly and such personality tends to party well, eat well and live well. They are also very well aware of their social status, reputation and financial position.

  • Purple:

In ancient times it used to represent royalty but now it represents that you have a personality who loves creativity and art. Their people mostly have a deep insight. They are charming but prone to be volatile.

  • Black:

If you're going to interview someone chooses the black color as it says “expert”. Experts do recommend in using this color in accessories like in scarves or ties, instead of using it in the main attire.

  • Blue:

Blue color represents loyalty, peace, and freshness and in the case of men sarcasm and funny too. In the case of women, it represents mystery and a sense of fashion. If you are attending an interview choose a navy blue blazer or shirt to give a message of calmness, truth, and confidence.

  • White:

 If you are going for an interview it is great as it gives out vibes of goodness and precision. It is ideal for both men and women.

Your clothing color are important as a lot of people mostly judge you and your personality on the basis of it, so it is important to wear appropriate color according to the occasion. If you’re in a field where your first impression matters then you have to pay a lot of attention to your clothing colors

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