How to Wear Leather This Summer?

A leather dress is usually worn in winter to keep you warm and even for looks, but leather is super versatile as we all know and has gradually made some place in summer fashion too. Obviously, you won’t wear the same clothes you worn in winter.

There is a number of different brands from Prada to Hermes who have decided to choose a leather for their summer cover. A lot of celebs and fashion bloggers have seen using leather for their summer attire. Celebs like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have been seen pulling off leather attire for summer.

There is a lot of options to add leather to your summer attire apart from shoes and leather bags. Here are a few examples.

Leather Jackets:

Leather jackets are the most constantly worn piece of cloth all over the year irrespective of the season. You can wear jackets like a bomber, biker jacket or just a classic black jacket.

How to wear
You should know how to layer. You can layer your jacket by a simple t-shirt or a shirt it will help you make a statement. Don't always use black colors for your cloths, try experimenting with different colors but makes sure it's contrasting.

Perfect leather pants and leggings:

Leather pants will give a classic 80s look as they are trending this you can wear them as night wear too. There are brands like YSL who showcased their leather pants as evening wear which you can try.

How to pair leather pants

If you have a tall, lanky frame, classic leather trousers can help you accentuate your structure. Think formal with a dash of casual-chic – tailored half sleeved shirts, tucked inside with a wide leather belt or a minimal white T-shirt also works. Ankle-length pants with asymmetric tops make for a perfect summer look.

Leather Skirts:

Leather skirts are an essential piece to keep in your wardrobe. Shirts are an amazing piece of attire. You can wear any you want from flared, pleated, pencils and even the one with some slits.

How to pair skirts

The best company a leather skirt can get is a skirt. You can pair it with a simple shirt, but the experiment is good, you can do that by wearing shirts of different textures like silk or satin. Pair them with some heels; it can be any type heel. For colors, you can choose light shades of green and brown.

Ageless Leather Dresses:

Is a leather dress too much to wear in summer? No, because there are a lot of brands like Prada and Versace who have a full leather dress in their summer collection. You must have also seen Bella Hadid pulling off a full leather dress in summer.

How to wear it though?

Don't do a lot of experimenting because a leather dress itself is a statement so let it do all the talking. Well, you can pair it with a nice pair of heels and you're good to go.

Original Leather Shorts

Shorts are made for summer especially leather shorts so just leave all boring denim or cycling shorts because leather is class. You can wear shorts with pleats or shorts which are a sleek short suit.

How to wear them?

Leather shorts if worn correctly can be outstanding attire; you can pair it with a black jacket.

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