Trench Coats And How To Wear Them

There are very less items in a modern wardrobe which actually hold some history and trench coat is an item which comes with some amazing history. Apart from the styling features, trench coats provide great level of practical features as well.

A trench coats are coats which are lengthy and come with different features like double breast, belts, and epaulets. These features provide some great appearance which is loved by almost anything. During the initial days trench coats were made from gaberdine which is a woven fabric that can help protecting the wearer from different weather elements. In the color sections there is khaki trench coat which is considered as the original color.

Nonetheless, as the time goes on things changes and there are different types of shapes and structures, but the basic definition of the trench coats did not change a lot. There are different types of colors, cuts and designs from which you can choose as per your personality and style. Trench coats are pretty versatile as well which allows you to style as per your own unique style. Trench coats are great as when it comes to adding that tailored and luxury look.

Different color combination

There are two factors that you should pay attention to when it comes to color combination:

  • Monochrome
  • Color blocking

going monochromatic

The main thing about making an outfit is to match correct colors. You can make an attire by pairing a black trench coat, shirts, shoes and some chinos or trousers which will create a great looking outfit which suits different family occasions.

Color blocking
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The main feature here should be a main center of attention and the remaining attire should have neutral colors. You can try getting a trench coat in a unique color like any blue shade and pair them with anything which is available in neutral shades, and you are good to go.

Different ways to style a trench coats

Here are different ways of you can make an outfit with your trench coats:

Wearing it with a suit

A trench coat is great apparel which goes well with a business wear which is used for good number of years and even decades as well. Since trench coats got popular, they are highly used in business wear. Trench coat does not only provide a style statement but also provides great level of practical features.

Formal office wear

Because of the cuts available in the trench coats, it just fits perfectly in a formal attire. You can make an outfit with the help of a basic office outfit or a full suit and layer this outfit with a trench coat and you will end up with a great and luxurious looking attire.

Casual office wear
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Just like the formal attire you can try going with a casual attire for your office wear. Start things off by adding some flannels or any shirt with textures and in the pant sections you can go with some dark pants and finish it off with loafers.

Evening outing

For this occasion, you should go for something which provides great level of comfort without messing up your overall style. You can try going with pants which are on the fitted side and pair them with some a casual shirt, turtleneck, and layer everything a trench coat.

A relaxed weekend
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This is a pretty simple thing to do as you just have to opt for some causal apparels like hoodie, jeans, sneakers and layer everything with your favourite trench coats.

Different prints

There are different types of textures and patterns which you can consider creating a contrasting looking outfit. You can try going with a textured trench coats and pair them with a patterned shirt which is a great color combination which allows you to have a fun attire.

Embrace the colors

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If you are feeling pretty confident and want to drag some eyes, then going with something bright like neon trench coat will be a great idea. The main thing which you should pay attention here is avoid over doing. Just add one item in neon color and keep the rest neutral or just black.

Go neutral

Going with bright colored trench coats does not suits every occasion, this is where neutral trench coats come into the place. Fortunately, you have a lot of neutral shades for your trench coats from which you can choose the best one as per your style and preferences. You are going with neutral shades also allows you to add some vibrant accessories.





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