Everything You Should Know About Animal Print Trend

Is animal print still trending?

Animal prints was one of the most trending styles in 2018 and was seen in different fashion shows from different parts of the world and almost in every season as well. During the 80s animal prints can be seen in almost anything and we can say that it was the peak trending position, but this does not mean that animal trend is out of fashion.

Which Animal Print?
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Whenever we are talking about animal print the first thing which pops up in our brain is the leopard print which is attractive and gives a naughty and luxurious touch to your outfit. Leopard prints can be seen in different forms but the most popular one is on the fur coats. When we talk about animal print trend this year it looks like there will be a lot of animal print clashes. Apart from the leopard print there are other animal prints as well that you can consider like cheetah, tiger, zebra, etc.  

Can you wear Animal Print all the year round?

There is no doubt when it comes to wearing animal prints all over the year because we have seen many fashion shows all year around that have different types of animal prints. We can see different ways to style an animal print like pairing it with bright colors during the hotter months, styling with neutral colors and leather during autumn and winter.

Can you wear Animal Print to a wedding?
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There is no problem when it comes to pairing an animal print in a wedding because it is a celebration.

Can you wear Animal Print to work?

Wearing animal prints to work completely depends on what type of image you want to project and how is working environment. Whenever you use an animal print you will get a lot of attention which shows how attractive it is which might not be appropriate image when it comes to working. Wearing an animal print can be completely fine if you work at fashion house or any other creative place but if you work at a court or school you might have to rethink about this.  

Can you wear Animal Print to a funeral?
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When it come to funeral attire dark colors are preferred and if you show up wearing an animal print it might not be the most appropriate options and can offend a lot of people as well. There are some cases where the person who did have some request regarding their funerals like not wearing any mourning or sad colors, so in such cases you can wear animal prints.

Can you wear Animal Print to an interview?

There is nothing wrong when it comes to wearing animal prints to an interview and making this decision is a bold move considering how attractive it can be which showcases that feisty independence. Whenever you are going to an interview the time is less when it comes to giving a positive impression, so to make this process quicker there are other factors which you have to focus on apart from what you are talking about like the way you dress, the tone of your voice, body language, etc. You have to be careful about these factors to make sure it works in you favor and not against you.

Are Animal Print handbags in style?
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An animal print handbag is something you should look for when it comes to accessories. There are different color options in which you can get your animal printed handbag ranging from neutrals to bright colors.

Can you wear Animal Print with stripes?

There is absolutely no issue when it comes to wearing animal prints with strips because it is all art at the end of the day. When it comes to choosing stripes make sure you are choosing the correct ones because there are different types of options like thick, thin, vertical, and horizontal.  

If you are looking for some attractive strips, then go with thicker ones. If you are looking to have a slimmer appearance, then go with horizontal stripes and make sure it is loose.

Who can wear Animal Print?

There are no limitations when it comes who can wear an animal print because there it does not matter who you are and what your age or size is. This is different if you are a rock star because you have to stay away from those tight animal printed jeans, but you can still wear some animal printed shorts and shirts. Always keep in your mind that animal prints are attractive so if you are not comfortable with a lot of attention make sure you are limiting the animal print to one per outfit.

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