Things To Do And Avoid In While Wearing A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are something you should have in your wardrobe irrespective of the gender because of the features it can provide you like trendy, durable, fashionable, versatile and long lasting which are some rare features to find in one jacket.  Leather jackets originated during the WWI and were made for Air Force which does makes them one of the oldest apparels in today’s fashion world.

If you're someone who has been thinking about leather jackets then you should keep reading because here are something which you should avoid and do when going with a leather jacket.

Go with genuine leather.
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This point might sound pretty obvious, but it is still an important pointer which you should remember because there are many leather jackets which are sold as “leather jackets” but can be made from faux leather which is not real leather. faux leather are not made from real animal hide and does looks like real leather which is the only common thing between faux leather and real leather. Faux leather jackets are cheaper as compared to genuine leather but with great price comes great features.

Avoid mixing Brown and Black.

Black and brown are some amazing color option for your leather jacker but mixing them is not the best thing you can do, in simple words if you're going with brown colored leather jacket then pairing them with something black is not the best thing to do for example if you have some great brown leather shoes then pairing them with black leather jacket is not something you should do and vice versa.

Wear it in Winter.
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Leather jackets are well suited for your cold winters and wearing leather jacket in summer might not be the best apparel option. Leather jackets are no doubt fashionable but when it comes to providing warm and comfort they are still great at it. leather jackets are thick which makes them great at insulation thus helps in providing good amount of heat. Wearing only a leather jacket might not work depending on how cold it gets in your area.

Never Machine Wash it

Machine washing is the worst thing you can ever do to your leather jacket because they are not like other garments and the cleaning process is totally different. If your leather jacket is dirty then you can opt for spot cleaning over machine wash. Almost every leather jacket comes with the cleaning instruction which you can refer to. There is not leather in this world which is safe for machine wash because it can affect the quality of the leather in different ways. If your leather jacket has a small stain then you can clean it using a moist cloth and for anything bigger there are other cleaning products which you can opt for.

Choose a Fitted Leather Jacket

The fit of your leather jacket is another important aspect of how it is going to look on you because if the leather jacket doesn’t feel you perfectly there are high chances that it will look like you have borrowed it from your friends. You can choose the perfect size by trying different leather jackets from different brands and retailers. If you're someone who is not that active then you can opt for custom made leather jackets which is the best way to get that perfectly fitted leather jacket.

Dry them correctly.

If you have used your leather jacket in wet weather conditions like snowy or rainy then you have to make sure that they are not wet for a long time. Leather is still skin and has many pores which can absorb all the moisture coming and if it is for a long time then it can cause some damage. To make sure your leather jacket is not facing any damage you can dry them out every time after wearing them in snowy or rainy climate.

Apply Conditioner
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Because leather is not like other fabrics it requires different care and conditioning it does come under it. there are different types of leather conditioners which you can use depending on the type of leather your jacket is made from.

Conditioning your leather will make sure they stay soft and smooth for many coming years and are protected from any future damage.

Layer them
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Layering is something you should learn because it will help you a lot in your winter in choosing the correct apparel combination. Leather jackets are something you should consider to layer or to use as a layering item. there are different ways you can layer your leather jackets will for example you can layer them on some basic tee or a shirt.


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