Different Types Of Lapel Shapes

Peek lapels:
Pick the Best Lapel for All Types of Tuxedos & Suits

Speak little comes with a peek which face is towards your face. These types of lapels were mostly seen in traditional apparels like a tailcoat, but we can also see them in different types of tuxedos as well. they mostly fall under the category of formals style.

Shawl collars:
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these collars are more on the modern side and come with a round shape and can be seen in different types of tuxedos and dinner jackets as well. They come in second after the peak lapel, in terms of formal style.

Notch lapels:
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these are the standard types of lapel in the men suits add can be seen in tuxedos which come with a notch. Notch lapels are more on the casual side as compared to others.

If all of this is confusing, then you can choose as per the event for example if you are heading towards a formal event you can choose between a peek or a shawl.

Different number of buttons in suits.
Buttoning a Suit Jacket

The number of buttons mostly depends on personal taste but there are different things which you can learn about them.

one button jackets which are mostly tuxedos are more under the formal side as compared to jackets which have 2 buttons. It might sound quite simple thing but should be considered if you are going to a very formal event.

Do you have to button every button on your suit?

if your jacket has one button then there is no need to button it, but if there are 2 buttons then fashion the one which is on top only. If your jacket consists of 3 buttons, then fasten the one which is in the middle as it is the most preferred one. If you are wearing a double-breasted jacket, then you have to button up.

Which one to choose a bow tie or necktie?
Convert Necktie to Bow Tie | The Cordial Churchman

You can choose anyone of these ties but there are certain rules which you have to follow. If the function has a black-tie dress code, then you have to wear about an if you are wearing a tuxedo. If you pair necktie with your pleated tuxedo shirt it will be a more casual outfit therefore stick to the bow tie.

if you are going to a casual or event then then you can wear anything except black tie as it falls under formal attire and if you are planning to wear about a bow tie opt for a narrow work.

Best Cummerbunds: #1 Guide On Cummerbunds & How To Wear One

Is it necessary to wear a cummerbund with tuxedo?

Is the wedding saying to wear cummerbund as a traditional accessory, then you can wear it?

If you if feel that there is something missing on your waist or you feel naked you can opt for a low-cut vest instead of a cummerbund.

Standing out as a groom.

Innovating the outfits are matching insert UN situation which can make you feel let us special but to make sure that you are standing out you can try to mix different things or add small details to your outfit. You can start things off by changing your tie or try a unique styled shoe or go for a stylish vest.

When to wear patents leather?

If you are wearing a tuxedo then there is nothing better than a patent, but it can be a bit spectacle if you are choosing patent leather shoes. It is better to avoid patent with a suit but if you are going to some fashion event you can wear them.

When to wear a pleated shirt?
A Guide to Tuxedo Shirts And Styles — UNFUSED | Deo Veritas' Online Journal  | STYLE FOOD TRAVEL LIFE

To explain pleated shirts, it is a simple rectangle shirt which comes with a vertical play gates on both sides of the button plackets. you can find some pleated shirts that have a wing tip collar or modern styled collar.

Pleated shirts should be worn only if you are going to wear a tuxedo along with a bow tie Because if where them with a suit and a necktie it comes under a more casual appeal as compared to a tuxedo.

Is it necessary to match a pocket square with a tie?

It is better that you do not match your pocket square with a tie or else it will look like your mom prepared your outfit and not you, which is not wrong, but the matching scheme does not work well.

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