Guide For Your First Leather Jacket

Buying your first leather jacket can be a bit tiring. Getting a good quality leather jacket should be considered as great investment which can offer great lifespan. If you are new to leather jackets, then there are different things which you should consider.

Motorcycle leather jacket vs. Fashion leather jacket
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If you are someone who is new to leather jackets you might thing there is no difference between these two jackets. There are differences between these two jackets, and it is important to know the difference.

When we talk about motorcycle leather jackets, the main purpose there is to provide protection to the wearer during any unwanted events. These jackets are made from leathers which are thick and tend to have some plates as well in the inner side of different body parts like shoulders, knees, etc.

On the other hand, fashion jackets are usually made from leather which are delicate and come from hides like cowhide and lambskin. These animal hides come with features like great appearance, lengthier and stylish.

You can still wear your styling leather jackets while riding because it is made from real leather but not the same as a motorcycling leather jacket.

This is not the same case when you are wearing motorcycle leather jacket because it does not provide the same level of style.

If you are planning to wear your leather jacket to different occasions always remember, the fewer details it has the more formal it looks.

For example, you can compare tees like a graphic tee and a solid tee which clearly shows that the solid tee is more on the formal side as compared to graphic tee.

There are some leather jackets like which come with a lot of add-ons ranging from zipper, snaps, etc. which screams casual.

For a formal look you can go with a café racer because of the minimal style it has.

The color option
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The classic color options like black and brown are great when it comes to versatility and style because it can be paired with almost any type of outfit. For a softer look you can go with brown color and to have that edge black should be choice.

Black is the most popular color option you can choose for your leather jacket and the next color which you should consider is brown or other options.

There are other things which you should consider like the footwear you are going with. You should also try matching the color of your leather shoes, belts and jacket.

Points for fitting:

Shoulders: ensure that the shoulder seams go well with your actual shoulder.

Armholes: try keeping the armholes high to get better fitting because if it is low your jacket can feel uncomfortable and will look oversized as well.

Sleeve: Your sleeves should be fitted but make sure it is not too tight. The length which is perfect the sleeves is around the starting point of thumb.

Length: any leather jacket that ends around your waist area or just covers your belt will work well. There are some leather jackets that are longer which are great for men who are tall.

Whenever you are out for leather jacket shopping make sure you are wearing the best fitted tee or shirt.

You can go for a tighter jacket but make sure you are getting good room for free movement. You should try zipping your leather jacket and check if the fitting is too tight or too loose.

Leather does stretches but there is a limit, and it can vary depending on the type of leather used in making the leather jacket.

Lambskin leather jacket tends to stretch more as compared to a jacket made from cowhide. The stretch does not makes a big difference because it will not make a tight jacket loose.

When we talk about sleeves things are more relaxed in the jacket section and is similar to blazers. You can also try pushing your sleeves up in case they are annoying when you are shopping.


If you are someone who is tired of trying different types of leather jackets and going for tailoring sounds tiring, then custom leather jackets are the best option for you. You can make different types of adjust makes depending on what you prefer be it size or style.


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