Protecting Your Leather Jacket From Moisture Damage

There is no doubt that leather comes with great level of durability, style, and strength but just like any other fabric even leather is not waterproof. In case your leather items are exposed to water or moisture for some good amount of time, then be prepared to face some damage. Leather is a porous fabric which means it comes with minute pores which can absorb moisture. As the time goes on, this collection of moisture can cause serious harm to your leather items which can lead to production of mildews. If you are concerned about your leather jackets as well, then don’t worry because here are some tips that you can use to protect your leather jacket from moisture damage:
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Easy with that Leather Conditioner

Using leather conditioner on your leather jacket is a great thing to do but you should also avoid going overboard with it. The main purpose of using a leather conditioner is to protect your leather jacket from dryness and avoid any type of cracks. When you go overboard with leather conditioners like using too much or using them frequently can cause damage to your leather jacket which is similar to moisture damage. Therefore you should only apple leather conditioner every 3-4 months to make sure there is no roughness and dryness.

Dry it after rain

You can wear your leather jacket out in rain considering you are drying it as soon as you are back to make sure there is no damage from the moisture. When you are indoors the first thing which you should do is wipe the surface with a clean and dry cloth to make sure any excess amount of water is removed. If you are thinking that tossing it into the dryer will help you a lot, then be prepared for some surprise because things will go the opposite direction because the heat can actually cause more damage. Drying your leather jacket with a clean cloth is far better and can help in avoiding any type of damage and does not takes too long as well. s

Have an umbrella

If you are aware that it will be raining when you are outdoors, then carrying an umbrella will be a great idea because it is just a simple accessory that can help you avoid damaging your leather jacket. whenever you are going out wearing that amazing leather jacket make sure you are checking the weather forecast to make sure you are not meeting any unexpected guest in the form of rain.
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Clean and tiddy

When your leather jackets are dirty, then they are more prone to be damaged from moisture as compared to clean leather jacket. When there are unwanted items on the surface of your leather jacket like dirt or dust it can harm the quality of your leather jacket and help moisture go deep. Therefore always make sure that your leather jacket is clean to avoid any type of moisture damage. There are soaps and detergent which you can get that helps in cleaning your leather jacket without harming your leather jacket. Apart from this you can also try getting a warm damp cloth along with a mild detergent to clean your leather jacket. irrespective of what you use to clean always make sure there are no unwanted stains on your leather jacket.

Avoid spilling drinks

Saying this was an easy thing but when it comes to actually avoiding spills on your leather jackets, things are different. No matter what you are drinking from soda to just water just avoid spiling on your leather jacket because it will saturated your leather jacket and can leave you with mildews. Your leather jacket will not grow mildews as soon as you spill something because this is a long process therefore make sure that you are cleaning your leather jacket whenever you spill something on it. therefore you should avoid spilling something on your leather jacket in the first place to avoid any extra work.

the Humidity

The humidity is something a lot of people tend to ignore but this does not changes the damage your leather jacket might get. Most of the house owners are aware of the temperature in their house but very few know what their humidity levels is. If you are new to the word humidity, then it just means the amount of moisture in the air. If the humidity is too high, then it means your leather jacket scan get damaged because of the moisture. This is the main reason why you should always make sure that the humidity level in the normal range which is 40-60%.

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