Different Ways To Dress Up Your Gothic Wear

There are many ways to sustain your gothic attire in the era of changing trends. If you love yourself styling with gothic looks then we have many tips to do so.
If you want to have a Goth look then it doesn't mean that you have to follow all the traditional things except the basics which you can then pair with different modern items which will give you a good look.

Following are some tips that you should try:


There are lot of goth styles which you can wear casually. First of all make sure that you are not overdoing it with lot of efforts. Keep it simple and stylish. You can try wearing fishnet stocking with shirt. You can also decorate yourself by trying different hair styles, make up and accessories.

Dark shades and colors are something which defines Goth style but you can also try adding some light colors to make it look more beautiful.  there are a lot of different combination and outfit styles which you should try things like silver accessories and silver colored clothes with it. finish your look off with some long moods and appropriate makeup.

There is also one more style in which you should try red tight and black skirt, with accessories like black colored choker. You can try coloring your hair in gothic colors like red or purple. Also put a nice hat in your attire.

For winters
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Winter is coming and you are in favour of gothic attire then you can try wearing long black tunic. Also try wearing black leggings with red skirt and  don’t forget a black choker.

Formal attire
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You can pair it with a crop top along with a net top and in the bottom add pencil skirts and to add some style by adding leather or silk gown and to finish it off add heeled boots. You can enhance your style by coloring your hair in gothic colors.


You can pair stocking scream goth jacket with dark colored pants or a cute skirt you can also try drapes, denims, shorts and jumpers.


There are many things to try for a good gothic look. You can try from ankle boots, knee boots, high heels or a flat surface shoes.

If you are uncomfortable with these you can also try for some amazing leather shoes.


From accessories you can try some thin like oxidized jewelery they are also in trend now. You can also try mixing various styles according to your taste. You can try matching your belt with your hand bag or try wearing matching jewelries.


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