How You Can Do Waterproofing Of A Lambskin Leather Jacket

After buying your dream leather jacket the first thing which a lot of us do is look for occasions to pull it off and want to maintain it in the best possible condition. Nonetheless, if you are planning to wear your leather jacket out in rain then it can cause some damage and harm to your leather jacket. therefore it is important to waterproof your leather jacket and you might be wondering now about how and where you can do it. Well, waterproofing a leather jacket is a pretty easy thing to do which can be done with a few steps.  

It is important to save your leather jacket from water because it can cause some serious harm that can cause cracking and dryness which is something pretty difficult to repair.

Here are some ways in which you can waterproof your leather jacket

For suede or nubuck leather jacket:

Start things off by getting a waterproofing spray which has silicone polymer. With the help of this spray the water will just repel from the surface of your leather jacket and will not cause any form of harm.

For high quality leather jacket:

For such leather jacket you should go with an acrylic copolymer spray which reaches inside your leather jacket and makes a net which will help in keeping the water away and will protect the quality. The color of your leather jacket will not be affected from this spray.

Top-grain or oiled leather:

These are leather jackets which are made from real and genuine leather. Apart from jackets you can do this to other leather apparel and accessories as well like pants, gloves, wallets, etc. You can use conditioners which are available in different forms like oil or cream that will fill the tiny pores which will keep the water away.

Waterproofing your leather jacket:

There are different products which you can get from the market that can help in waterproofing your leather jacket. Apart from this you also have option to go with beeswax cream which is known for the great results. Before you use any waterproofing product on your leather jacket make sure you are starting it off with spot testing.

If you are using beeswax cream, then start it by adding a cup of olive oil in two ounces of beeswax. Break the beeswax and keep it a glass jar and then keep the pieces in cold water.

After the solution is made heat it and keep tiring it till it is melted.

After the melting is done you can keep it stirring but make sure you are turning to stove off and let it cool down which can half an hour.


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