Are You Measuring Leather Jacket Correctly? Check Here How?

leather jacket measuring jacket sizes

The first thing which you should do to measure a jacket correctly is to buy a great leather jacket. There can be different questions going on in your mind when you are thinking to buy a suited jacket. The main thing which you can consider while buying suits is measuring the size of the jacket. When you are measuring the size of your jacket it will help in getting better measurement which can help you in further shopping.

Any jacket that fits and suits you well will look great and is really important for your wardrobe. The whole process can be a bit though and tiring but it is worth it. Before you start measuring your jackets there are a few things that you will need. A measuring tape and a friend or anyone you know.  

You might be wondering why is measuring the jacket is important and is there even a need to do it. Learning measurement about different body parts like waist, shoulders, length, etc. are important if you are looking to get a great deal for the money you will spent on your jacket or coat.

Things are a lot easier than it looks like therefore you don’t have to get stressed. Start things off by measuring body parts like chest, waist, arms, shoulders, elbow and back. With the help of these measurement you can get the best fitting for perfectly. As we have the measurements now it will make choosing a great jacket or suits much easier.

Here are the tips that you will need to measure your jacket size which will fit you perfectly:

Start by removing a thick clothing apparel.

Thick apparels are something which you should avoid because it makes taking measurement even more difficult. Clothes which are thin or skin-tight will be okay because it doesn’t affects the exact size. Start it off by measuring your chest or bust.

You can take someone help like your friend because doing it all by yourself is not an easy thing do here. Start the measurement by rising your arms to the side and ask your friend to measure your chest from the widest or the fullest part. If you are looking to buy a casual jacket add an inch because casual jackets are on the looser side.

Shoulder width

The next important measurement which you have to take is the width of your shoulders. The shoulder is important because that is where the jackets will rest on. The shoulder width is important because there are different factors related to it. The size of your shoulders should be perfect because if they are too small it can affect your body movement.

The sleeves

Keep your arms loose and relax them before taking the measurements. Start the measurement from your further part of your shoulders till your wrist. Make sure that the measurements are perfect here because if they the sleeves are too big, then it will not have the best look and the same thing applies for sleeves which are too short.  Therefore it is important to get your sleeves measurements correct. You should also measure it from the back centre of your neck till the wrist. Apart from this you will also need to get your sleeve inseam correct which starts from your armpit till your wrist.

Your Neck

This is a simple part because you just have to measure it around your neck. Next measure the height of your neck which will be right above your Adam’s apple. Always make sure that it is comfortable and adjust accordingly.

Your Waist

Start the measurement by getting your natural crease which you can do by leaning towards any one side. Crease will be a little higher than where your pants start. The crease will be between the belly button and ribcage. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground and measure from your crease till your torso.

Measuring a suit jacket for you

As we have all the measurements now it is time to get a the perfectly fitting suit jacket for you. The first thing which you should pay attention to is your chest measurement because most of the manufacturers tend to use an average chest measurement. There can be a few differences if you are going for readymade therefore choose the one which is closest to your measurements. If needed you can go with tailored suit jackets as well which will be made as per your measurements which will ensure the best fitting.

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