Trends Of Summer And Spring You Should Look At In 2021

There are some great fashion trends which you should look out for in the 2021 especially for the summer and spring season.

There are a lot of fashion changes occurring in the world especially during this pandemic situation. A lot of traditional items like craftsman, prints, textures, are getting attention these days. As an example, you can think a simple sun and beach trend where everything came in one place nautically which does gives tings a more summer vibe.

Glocal is a new but a strong term which means that the whole world in now connected as a local market.  This has given rise to the nomadic trends and a change in the lifestyle which is more eye catchy now and consists of some patterns and design which usually give a free-spirit vibe.

The first trend which you should look out for in the summer and spring are the retro checks. Textures are something which are mostly neglected during this season which means that the fabric has a very vital role. There are some other types of patterns as well like weaves or colored checks. You can also see checks of different sizes and can choose any one as per your personality and preferences.
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Our digital or internet lives are getting more and more deep which also means that it has become an escape from the real life we have. Apart from this internet is a great place when it comes to experiment things which means you can look at different trends through different graphics. During this summer there are different types of apparels which you should have like denim, shirt, jeans, knitted clothes, etc. Athletic wear will still be in fashion and will continue to be in different seasons.
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There are different types of prints and textures which are taken or inspired from the local art and is incorporated with modern designs to make something fashionable. You can also find apparels which comes with some highlighting showcasing traditional craftsmen and arts.

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                                            Highlighted Strips T-shirt

There are some other styling elements which you should pay attention to like sew panelling, color blocks, highlighted strips, floral prints, graphical designs, outdoor prints, etc.

Denim is another apparel which you should pay attention to because they are important in this season. There are types of washes as well like ice wash, bleached blue wash, light wash, etc. which you can add to different apparels which can help in making them more fashionable. You can also opt for some distressed denims as well along with some mild washes.
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After all of this there are some other factors as well which you should give enough attention like relaxed fits. Relaxed or oversized apparels are something you should own.

Checks are the next thing on the list which you should pay close attention to. There are different types of check designs which you can check out like windowpane, micro, gingham, buffalo checks, etc.
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During the late spring you can opt for some bright and light tones. Indigo is a color which you should have irrespective of the season you are in. when you are planning a spring or summer apparel make sure you are adding good amounts of light shades. The lighter shades consist of colors like red, blue, green, etc. where as colors like khaki and olives are more towards earthy shades. During the transition period there the main colors which you should pay attention to are pastels. You can try some light textures and pastels will help in getting some casual vibe to your attire and style. Apart from this you can also get some tropical prints as well to finish off your attire. You can make a good-looking attire by pairing some printed tees, shorts, and layer it with some checks. You can also try some light shirts with some textures to your summer and spring wardrobe.
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The fit of your apparel is another thing which should be paid good amount of attention for men going with a slim fit shirt whereas for women there are some dresses which are vital for shapes. Apart from this you can also go with some oversized fits as well which will help in getting a relaxed looking attire. There are different types of varieties when it comes to other factors of clothing like collars, placements, lengths, shape of hem, etc.

There are different types of prints and embroidery which you can opt for different attires and for daily clothing as well which does helps in making your attire trendy. There are some fun and quirky prints and badges which you can add to your apparels. For the women’ sections there are some floral and embroideries in some shirts and dresses.


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