Choosing Between Real Leather And Faux Leather

Let us see this decision as a situation for example you are choosing leather for your wall tile installation and you know how expensive real leather can get but how will you choose between faux and real leather?

There are a lot of difference between faux and real leather, but which one is a better option?

When it comes to real leather you are getting some good qualities and features whereas in terms of faux leather you will get an affordable option.

the answer for which leather is better is simple as it totally depends on where you are using it.
Top 6 Differences Between Real vs. Bonded vs. Faux Leather

First, we have to decide what is the purpose of your project.

What will you get if you choose real leather?

The main reason why you should choose real leather is that it will give your project a luxurious and unique feel.

Here are some benefits which you can get with real leather:

With real leather you will get a timeless quality.
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Making and tanning leather is in this world comes from a long time in the human history and real leather does helps in connecting us to our history.

When you use real leather in your projects you will be able to add different features like luxury, quality, and endurance.

The quality provided by real leather will make your project more appealing and impressive.

As real leather comes from nature the quote “nature creates, never duplicates” Implies perfectly.

When you opt for natural leather you will get that uniqueness of animal hide which is just absent in faux leather. There are different initials which you can get from natural leather like wrinkles, whorls, different colors, marks, etc. Apart from all of this real leather also comes with a unique fragrance.

By going with real leather, you will get additional features like softness, flexible and durable. With all of these feature your leather will get more comfortable and durable which all adds up for a better living fabric.

Real leather will show uniqueness as it ages.

Leather does come with the features where it can adapt to the surrounding environment.  For example, if any area of leather is used more or is exposed a lot the environment then it will develop a softer texture along with a patina. As your leather ages it will become better in terms of comfort, color and texture.

Reasons why people choose faux leather

After looking at the benefits provided by real leather you might think that the demand might be really high but in real life things are different because the demand for faux leather is increasing.

The main reason why the demand is high is they will give you a similar appearance at an affordable price tag.

Faux leather is great if you are concerned about short term damage.

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Making a huge investment in leather will increase the risk of damage as well. for example, if your real leather is kept in sun then there are chances that it can affect the color in a bad way. As real leather is made from animal skin it will porous which means if any liquid dropped on it will be absorbed if you didn’t clean it instantly.

Color options
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There is no doubt that you can dye your real leather but still there are more color options when it comes to faux leather because they are resistant to fading.

Faux is animal-friendly

There are people who do prefer items which are animal-cruelty free which does increase the demand for artificial products including faux leather.

Places and situation to avoid using any faux leather

There are a few exceptions when it comes to faux leather and at the end of the day it depends on you and your preferences.

Faux leather is not made for long-term investment

There are people who look for a long term investment and the solution for this is real leather because it can stay for some good amount of years if cared properly, whereas faux leather isn’t made for long-term purposes.  

Faux leather also lacks the feature of becoming better as it ages in terms of comfort and softness. Faux leather will look worse as it ages.

You have to be gentle with faux leather

As it is made from synthetic fabrics there are chances that it can have different damages like cracks and even split. Faux leather is thinner than real leather which also affects the durability.


People are discombobulated when it comes to real leather and faux leather and which is better and worth it. the main decision is up to your preferences and taste.

When you are opting for a real leather you should have knowledge about what tanning and different types of hides is. If you are looking for the best leather, then full grain is something you should look for.


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