Summer Essential For The Ladies

There are different types of sources from which you can get different types of outfit inspiration. You also have good room to do experiments and create some unique outfits and might not suit the whole fashion world. Apart from this you might as well feel like hopping on some fashion trends to create some clean and trendy looking outfit with a touch of your personal style. Irrespective of what you way of styling you go with, being effective and stylish is what you will be looking for.

One thing which can create an issue regarding different ways of styling is the time you have to invest to create the whole outfit or style. 

In case you got some good number of hours in your hand, then the financial situation can come into the picture which can create problems especially if you are going to buy new trends. This brings the question is which option will be the best one for you? this is where we go back to the basics and introduce the wardrobe essentials or stapes into your style.

What does wardrobe essential actually mean?

To explain things in short, wardrobe essential simply means apparels or fashion items which are titled as timeless or belong the modern fashion world.

Nonetheless, you should not misunderstand the world essential or basic items because this simply does not mean that they are boring item. Every item that belongs to this list have enough potential to create some amazing and stylish outfits.

For example, if we look at motorcycle jackets, then they can be styled with something as simple as a solid white tee with casual jeans and you will end up with an outfit that is attractive and stylish.

Wardrobe essential for a capsule wardrobe

We have gained some vital information regarding wardrobe essentials and the time is here to create capsule wardrobe. Fashion items and apparels are on the lower quantity here but this does nor mean that they are anything less than highly fashionable pieces. Apart from this the versatility provided is very high as well which means you will have a lot of opportunities to create different types of outfits.

Enough talking and here is the list of items you will need for a capsule wardrobe.

Leather Jackets

Taking a look at outerwear, then we cannot forget about leather jacket. These jackets come with versatility that allows you to style them in various styles tanging from formals to casuals and having them in your wardrobe will be a great addition in terms of fashion. If you are ever in a situation where the outside does not has that sparkle, then adding a leather jacket on top of it will just take things to the very next level. Apart from all of this, leather jacket come with a lot of practical features as well like comfort, durability, and warmth.

Another great thing about leather jackets is that they are available in different colors and styles which makes it easier for them to be included in different types of personal style. There are a lot of style options that you can choose from and every style is worthy enough.

If you are looking for something that can make your stand out from the crowd, then going with motorcycle jacket will make a lot of sense. Your can also style them with leather pants and have an insane and effortless outfit.

Crop Tops

In case of crop tops, then they have a lot of style in them and are versatile as well which makes them a must have in your capsule wardrobe. The combination of crop tops and jeans just works smoothly for almost any type of casual occasion. Things get interesting when we take a look at different types of designs and colors available in crop tops which makes the final decision a bit difficult.

There are tube tops as well which is a great option when you are looking for something attractive and you can use them to wear underneath your oversized blazers as well. Apart from this there are some flared crop tops as well which are great for the summer season. As they are great for summers, then going with shorts will be a great place to start things off.

Denim Jackets

Everyone is aware of what denim jackets are and how classy they can get when styled properly, therefore having a denim jacket is a must for your capsule wardrobe irrespective of your personal style. The versatility of denim jackets is not on the same level as leather jackets, but this does not mean they are hard to style. Nonetheless, when we combine denim jackets with jeans, then the combination is just immaculate. If you are preparing and outfit that consists of jeans, then adding a denim jacket on top of it will just take things to the very next level of style.

When it comes to the color section, then going with the classic blue will be pretty safe as it is classy and a versatile color. Another popular color that you can have for your denim jacket is black which also looks pretty amazing.

If you feel that the popular or common colors do not help in getting that spark in your outfit, then you always have the option for other colors like, green, white, maybe yellow as well.


Next on the list are blazers which fit in perfectly between formal and casual side. You can trust a blazer for formal and casual occasion just make sure you style them with correct pieces.

You can wear it over a white top and a black skirt for work. Or you can rock the same blazer with a tank-top and a pair of cropped jeans to a weekend friends’ hangout. The ability of blazers to fit right in with multiple styles in vastly different scenarios is what makes them a part of the wardrobe staples and an essential part of your capsule wardrobe.

In case you want to have something in the casual section along with that spicy touch, then going with an oversized blazer will not disappoint you. The overall structure of oversized blazers is what makes them do unique and attractive.


When you are looking for something that will fit in perfectly between light in weight along with some warmth and comfort, then considering sweaters might just be the best option here. You can start things off by going with just a few sweater wardrobe which can ensure stylish outfits for regular purposes. When you are wearing sweaters during peak winters, then always make sure that you are wearing a good long winter coat that can ensure that you are staying warm and comfortable. It is advised to have a sweater vest along with an oversized one if you are running low on budget to buy multiple sweaters.

Solid white tee

When we look at items that you can wear under your outerwear, then keeping it simple is the key and you can never go wrong with a solid white tee. You actually do not require any type of efforts to pull them off because no matter what the event is, they will just work fine. Considering these tees come with a simple and plain design you might think that getting bland has a high possibility, however reality is different because they actually stay fresher than other tops with different designs. The simplicity that white tees come with is their vital feature that helps in enhancing their versatility. Apart from this, they are the perfect option when you are looking to add some neutral touches to your complex outfit.

In conclusion

If we look at the fashion world, then things are not just limited to just having a great looking outfit, it has creativity, personality, and comfort as well which is underestimated a lot. However, there are a lot of women who live a busy life and spending a lot of time for preparing a wardrobe and outfits is not the best thing. This is where a capsule wardrobe comes into the picture and saves the day, because this makes the overall game of preparing an outfit much simpler and quick. These were some of the items you should have in your capsule wardrobe and obviously there are other items as well which we could not cover.

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