Cleaning Your Suede Jackets Like Pro

Just like any other jackets even suede jackets need you attention in the form of care and maintenance. One main reason why it is very important to take care of your suede jackets is because it helps in maintaining and enhancing the overall softness and look of the suede jacket. Suede jacket does comes with a different type of texture which means they will need more care as compared to other jackets.

Suede jackets are one of the best jackets that you can consider including in your wardrobe. However, you should not ruin the overall quality of your suede jackets by not taking good care of it.

Therefore during the initial stages it is always advised to clean your suede jackets from a professional. There are different places that you can consider for dry cleaning your suede jackets, but make sure you are the reviews before choosing any place.

Nonetheless, in case you do not want to give your suede jacket to anyone and just want to do things yourself, then the first thing that you should do is research. The main reason why you should do research is to gain knowledge about things you should do and avoid when it comes to cleaning your suede jackets. Even if you do a small mistake, then it has the potential to ruin your suede jacket so make sure you are cleaning and maintaining it is a proper way.

Cleaning your Suede Jacket

In today’s world of internet and especially TikTok we can find a lot of people giving different types of solutions, hacks, claims, etc. about cleaning suede jackets and how you can just DIY it. The first thing which you should is question these solutions or hacks and to check if they are genuine or just useless hype. After you gain some information about suede jackets, then you will know what are some important points that you should avoid which will also help in concluding that there are a lot of pointless information regarding cleaning suede jackets.

Some Examples To Consider

Overnight for all oil stains

Keeping your suede jackets overnight with a solution of starch and baking powder will help in removing oil stains is what we can find on the internet. This method is highly popular when it comes to oil stains and again if you are looking to do something highly risky and adventures, then following these tips will do the job for you.

Vinegar with Water
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There are different types of videos and articles which you can read online which concludes that the combination of vinegar and water in a ratio of 2:1 can do a great job at cleaning your suede jacket.  If we look at suede as a fabric, then we all know that it can be easily damaged when it comes in contact with water or snow. Therefore using this solution is something a brave person can only do. Keeping water on the side and let us focus on white vinegar which is a great option to have for cleaning different types of fabrics and surfaces, but suede might not be one of them.

Suede with steam

The method of steaming a fabric is actually very popular and works perfectly well for different types of fabrics but the same cannot be said for suede. Popularly, suede jackets are kept near a hot shower which releases a lot of hot steam. The same thing can be said here about risking suede and have a lot of money just laying around steaming your suede jacket sounds like a great option to use them.

Looking at these points we can conclude that there are a lot of miss information regarding cleaning suede jacket and falling into such traps is something a lot of people can actually fall into. these type of tips have a lot of potential for ruining your suede jacket and that is something you do not want.

Nonetheless, if you are thinking to do things on your own for cleaning your suede jacket, then there are some tools that will definitely make things easier. Apart from all of this you can be sure that your suede jacket will not be harmed. The tools mentioned here are pretty safe when it comes to using them for cleaning your suede jacket. There are no side effects which you can face with these tools.

Enough taking and here are some tools that you can easily find in your house for cleaning

 Double sided brush
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There is a chance that you might have at least one double sided brush in some drawer which are thick and hard on one side and soft and flexible on the other one. This particular tool is a great option to consider for cleaning your suede jacket. You should use the thicker side of the brush for sued surface that are on the shorter side and have some soil in it and the softer side should be used for cleaning off any type of dust left on the suede jacket. There are different levels of dirtiness as well if your suede jacket is on the first level, then this tool might be enough for cleaning it.


The toothbrush game

Toothbrush is an item that everyone has in their house and in case you for some reason do not have one, they you are either from the past or just hates people coming up and talking to you. The idea of cleaning your suede jacket with the help of toothbrush is pretty unique and effective as well. This is a great tool to consider when you are looking to clean some spot stains. When it comes to spot cleaning, then it demands you to do cleaning in that area only. This is where toothbrush comes into the picture which is something you should use for spot cleaning your suede jacket. When you are using your toothbrush, then make sure it does not use a lot of strength while using it for spot cleaning your suede jacket.


How about Nail-files?

A nail file is something which is quite common item we can find in every home. You can consider nail files for doing some scarping on your suede jackets. There are some cases where the suede jackets will have the need to be on the firmer side in terms of cleaning with the help of lighter movements. Suede is made from an animal hide, then it will be porous in nature which means they will be prone to get some form of dirt on them. This where the nail file comes into the picture that you can use to remove all the dirt from the pores of your suede jacket.

Paper Towels

You might have an idea about how we are going to do things here. Start things off by using your paper towel to blot any type of spilling on your suede jacket. When we are talking about blotting, then do not confuse it with rubbing or anything else related with rubbing the suede jacket. There are a lot of occasions and situations where rubbing the suede jackets can actually make things worse in terms of the quality. If there is any area affected on your suede jacket, then use your paper towel and just dab them on the area. This technique of dabbing your paper towel on your suede will help in soaking up the moisture.

Suede Eraser
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Just like the rest of the everyday items, suede erasers are another cleaning piece that you can use to clean your suede jacket. In case you do not have any suede erasers at your home, then just grab the usual erasers from the drawer and make sure it is in white color. Usual erasers which have different types of colors can actually leave some colors on your suede jacket. Therefore you should be looking to go with white erasers. You can simply rub it on your suede jacket that will help in reducing the intensity of the stains.

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