Styling Guide For Shearling Jackets

Today, you and I will be styling with the beast of winter wardrobe, the shearling jacket. Keeping the different styles and designs a shearling jacket comes with there is a lot of weight which is one of the main reasons why it is considered to be a serious statement option and is definitely not made for the weak hearts.

If you are willing to take some risks with your wardrobe and personal style, then going with a shearling jacket should be the first on the list. This jacket does come with a lot of rewarding points in both fashion and practical way. We have seen a lot of movies and actors with that rugged and warm look like Mr. Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront or Mr. Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

Taking all the attention away from the movies and amazing look actors, it is time to ask yourself a very important question here, is it possible for any man to pull off a Tom Cruise type of outfit in real life? Fortunately, we do have the answer for this question, and it is a yes!!

Therefore, here is a list of styles which you can try with your shearling jackets.  

Balance the bulk

Shearling jackets do come with bulk naturally and will not allow any layering over it. Therefore, you can start your outfit with a denim shearling jacket which is a great start for that gentleman’s outfit. The main point which you should remember here is to have complementary colors and textures in your outfit to pull it off perfectly.  Along with the denim shearling jacket you can try layering it with a camo overcoat. The shearling of the jacket will help in adding that contrast to your outfit. Underneath your denim shearling jacket, you can try going with a basic black hoodie. Make sure the layering options that you are going with has enough space to wear multiple items underneath it.


Get that flight jacket
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A-2 leather flight jacket is the iconic jacket which was initially adopted by the US army during 1931 which makes it almost 90 years and is still one of the best type of jackets which you can have in your wardrobe. The A-2 leather flight jacket was usually used during the WWII and after that they are still used as a military styled apparel. They are not considered as a shearling jacket but there are many A-2 leather flight jacket which do comes with a shearling collar that helps in getting that warmth and styling. One thing which you can remember here is that classics are something which you should consider getting that classic and timeless look. To get something a rugged masculine look you can add a rollneck and a silk scarf.


have a light color

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Having different shearling jacket color options is important whenever you are styling with them. Usually, shearling jackets are seen in common color options like black or brown or any other darker color options. If you are looking to take some risks with your shearling jacket, then going with a lighter color option would be a great option. With lighter color you have to give more attention because they can be stained easily so you have to spend a little more time on cleaning and making sure they are well maintained.


Luxury with efficiency
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Shearling is pretty rugged and does showcases all the animal origins which comes with it, but this does not mean that they are not luxurious or refined.  When it comes to having luxury in your attire the first fabric which you should be looking for should be leather. Leather comes with some amazing properties which are just rare to find in any other fabric. Getting a shearling jacket which is made from leather is just perfect to have that luxurious feel to your wardrobe. Apart from all the luxurious features, leather also comes with amazing practical features as well like durability, strength and longevity which are again rare to find in other fabrics. Leather as a fabric is easy to maintain as well because you do not have to wash them on regular basis like any other fabric. To maintain your leather shearling jacket, you should just use a damp cloth and just wipe it on your jacket to get rid of all the dust and dirt. Apart from this you should also try using leather conditioner to make the most out of your leather shearling jacket.



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