Styling A Maxi Skirt With Elegance And Style

If you are looking for something which is can provide high level of elegance and style whenever you pair them. Maxi skirts is really popular among the women who look to make serious fashion statements. Apart from different types of maxi skirts you can absolutely style them in a lot of ways and today we will be looking at some of them.

If you are looking for something which provides high level of versatility, then going with a maxi skirt will not disappoint you because you can just pair them with almost anything ranging from different types of skirts and blouses. You can also find skirts which are going all the way to the floor or till your ankles depending on what you are looking for.

Maxi skirts are not for casual wear only. If styled right, some maxi skirts can give you voguish corporate attire. Let’s dive deeper to know the origin, types, and styling suggestions for the maxi skirt.

Maxi skirts and its history
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Whenever you are styling any apparel, it is not mandatory to always study about the history it holds but it does helps in getting more information about what you are wearing and how it was used. Maxi skirts are in the fashion world for some good number of years, and it is still pretty popular.

Before the maxi skirts were popular as a fashion item it was usually worn for practical reasons by laborers and was more like a unform for them.

When it comes to other types of skirts like midi and mini were not actually popular or even made during that era because skin show not popular back then.

During the initial fashion days of the maxi skirt, it came with a wider cut along with pleats which made things easy for horse riding. After a few years during the 19th century the maxi skirts got a little change by narrowing it down. Apart from this we can also find maxi shirts which are completely round and was popular in the European countries.

There is one thing a lot of people don’t know that maxi skirts actually went out of the trending section and in no time, it did make a comeback during the 21st century. Maxi skirts are a part of the aesthetics now and there are different types of styles which you can have with it depending on what your age and body type.

Types of Maxi Skirts

There are different types of shapes which you can find in maxi skirts and there is everything for every type of body ranging from petite to plus size. In terms of the length, cv you can get anything from ankle length to all the way to the ground.

Maxi skirts do not actually have a specific season to wear because you can just wear them at any season making sure you are pairing them with correct things. If you are looking to wear your maxi skirts during the summer season, then you can try pairing them with some light shirts and during the winter season you can try going with leggings and layer it with a jacket or a turtleneck.

Here are different types of long skirts which you can go with depending on what type of fabric, pattern, and era you are looking for.

Based on Era

Here are some skirt styles that you can look for depending on the era they were popular in. Before we start make sure you know that these skirts are not out of fashion.

Crinoline Skirt
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This skirt is coming from Victorian era which is particularly known to have many elegant fashion trends and crinoline skirt is a something to consider. These skirts come with a round appearance which is mainly maintained because of the steel underskirt.

The steel underskirt that comes with crinoline is popular among gowns and prom dresses which we mainly see during the wedding season.

Broomstick Skirt

The broomstick skirt got a l
western broomstick skirts - Cheap Online Shopping -ot popular during the 1940s and as the name suggests the appearance of this skirt is similar to a broomstick. This look is achieved with the help of wrinkled pleats. Apart from broomstick skirt this skirt is also known as the gathered skirt.

To style this skirt you can try going with a crewneck top layered with a black leather jacket along with your broomstick skirt.

Godet Skirt
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One of the most pleasing types of skirt which you can go for is the godet skirt. Godet skirt is a bit different because in between the cuts we can find pieces of clothing. This the reason why the fitting is different and more on the tighter side on the waist and hips which flows to a broad fitting from the knees.

You can style your godet skirt with some off shoulders, and you have an amazing look.

Prairie Skirt
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Any full length skirt that comes with different layers can be called as the prairie skirt. These skirts were trending a lot during the 1960s and are still in the fashion world. Prairie skirts get that ethnic feel because of the bounciness it comes with.

You can style these outfits by going with a white prairie skirt and pair them with a purple top and you will be good to go.

Swing Skirt

These skirts were in the trend during the 1930s and comes with circular appearance. Swing skirts are pretty popular among the dancers mainly because of the swirly touch it comes with. To style your swing skirt you can go with a tube and layer it with a denim jacket.

Skirts depending on shapes

There are different types of skirts you can get ranging from high waisted one to relaxed skirts.

Mermaid Skirt

Mermaid skirts have a different structure as compared to the usual skirts which we see because it comes with snugged fitting till the knees and gets relaxed after the knees. You can choose mermaid skirts whenever you are planning for a party.

You can make an amazing outfit by going with a black mermaid skirt toped with a black camisole and layer it with a silver jacket.

Flared SKIRT

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If you are looking to buy something which will stay in the fashion world for the coming years as well, then going with fared skirt will never disappoint you. These skirts can be found in different styles ranging from plain to printed ones.

These skirts are versatile as well which allows you to wear them with different items like knitwear, sleeveless, cardigans etc.

You can start things of by going with a turtleneck and pair with your flared skirt. To have an outfit which works for your office try going with neutral colors like black or brown.

Wear black ankle boots, a silver watch, and stylish shades to round off the look.

Asymmetrical skirts
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If you are looking for a causal skirt, then going with asymmetrical skirts will definitely help. We can find asymmetrical skirts in different fabrics as well like linen, cotton, chiffon, and many more. You can try pairing your asymmetrical skirts with something casual like a tee bomber jacket.

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These skirts are pretty simple but still provide great versatility. Having A-line skirt in your wardrobe is a must irrespective of what type of wardrobe you are planning to make. You can try pairing you’re A-line skirt with causal tops for a relaxed looking outfit. For an outfit which is more elegant you can go with a white colored blazer along with a shirt paired with your black A-line skirt. If you are not a blazer person, then you can go with a long cardigan.

Final word

There are different types of styles which you can get with maxi skirts and there are different types of maxi skirts as well which allows you to choose from depending on your styling preferences and personality. You can choose skirts depending on your body type as well.


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