Rules Which You Should Follow With A Leather Jacket

You cannot go wrong with a leather jacket but there are some rules which will help you in making the most out of leather jacket.

Pairing a leather jacket is not a difficult job to do as you just have to pay some attention to small details.

Here are some rules which you can follow

The color rule

A quite simple but big mistake a lot of people do is to either over do with color or have very less color in their leather outfit. To make sure you don’t come under such people you can try matching the color of your jacket with your shoes and it sounds difficult but if you go with the basic colors like black or brown it is easier to match. If you don’t have shoes which goes with your leather jacket then you can try matching your shoes with your top.

Limit the color on your jacket up to three and anything more than that is way too much.

Go with a real leather jacket

If you look in terms of appearance then there might not be a huge difference but after some days you can see why there is a huge price difference between real and fake leather as real leather will give you durability and longevity.

The fitting is key

No matter how good your leather jacket looks and feel but if the fitting is not good then none of that is of use therefore make sure whenever you are buying any leather jacket you are wearing it and testing the fit properly and as it is leather it has the tendency to stretch so choose accordingly and if you are shopping online check the size guide properly and with check the units you're using to measure.

Keep it flowing

There are people who do tend to zip their leather jacket like it is some formal outfit and if you are doing it in winters then it is okay but in summers try unzipping it and show off that shirt or tee you are layering it on.

Explore the options

There are a lot of options in terms of leather jacket apart from the classic black leather jacket and you can try different jackets every month. You can play with some bomber jackets for parties and night outs and for your biking days there are biker jacket, there are also leather coats which you can try on some cold days which does give some matrix vibe. Every leather jacket style and designs have their uniqueness and different characters.

Try different apparels with your leather jacket

Leather jackets are something which you can pair with different apparels to create a unique yet fashionable outfit. you can pair items like a turtleneck, sweater, dress shirt, V-necks, and the list will never stop.

Accessorise are important

When it comes men, they do stay back when it comes to accessorizing but if you do it then it does help in making your outfit look better. In accessorizing you don’t have to stick with jewellery and can go for other options like a bag, hat, sunglasses, etc.

Store colors differently

Whenever you are storing your leather jackets make sure that you are keeping every color separately because it will help in maintain the colors and its charm for a long time.

Take care of it

Washing your leather jacket is something we should do but the method of cleaning it is different from other fabric and I hope you are reading this before washing your leather. irrespective of how clean your leather looks make sure that you are cleaning them at least every month and along with it make sure that you are moisturizing and conditioning it as well which will make the texture look and feel better.


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