How To Style A Skirt With Different Jackets

If we look at skirt and the history they have, then things are pretty interesting. If we at the times of royals, then skirts were highly seen as a symbol of masculinity. Coming to the present, skirts are highly linked with style. The type of skirt you wear is not important because there are different types of it and in different styles. The only thing which is important is the way you style it and if it is doing justice or not.

Different ways you can style your skirt

If you are not very familiar with skirts, then it is pretty obvious that you might think that the styling options are pretty low. The reality is pretty different here because the options are just in the skies, and you will end up thinking how not to style them. It will be better to say that skirts are very versatile which allows it to be styled with different items and in multiple ways. Things are on the difficult side if you are looking for something which cannot be styled with skirt.

Nonetheless here are some examples of how you can style a skirt effortlessly:

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Sweater and skirts sounds like a cute couple. When it comes to styling your sweater, then it goes with almost any type of shirt. There are different types of shirts out there from different styles and leagues and if you are looking to have something which one of the best, then going with sweaters will be a great idea. It gives out a great and comfortable appearance especially when styled with skirt.

You can start making an outfit by going with a leather skirt and pair it with a mustard sweater. Apart from this you should also add a fishnet leggings along with some top boots to get an outfit that is immensely amazing and is good enough to be on the cover of any magazine.

Another outfit which you can have with your sweater and skirt is by styling a white sweater along with a tan maxi skirt. This combination is pretty cute to have. It enhance the overall charm of your outfit by adding a sweater in oversize fitting.


There are a lot of skirt outfits which represent a feminine, cute and charming look. To have an outfit which is more on the tom boy side, then you will need a monochrome skirt and pair it with some hoodies and denim jacket. For your skirt you can go with something in monochrome and for the denim you should trust the classic blue option. To finish off the outfit add some low-top sneakers and you are good to go.

For the shirt close some buttons from the top and just tie a knot on the bottom. When it comes to your hoodies, then keep it open on the front (the zippers) which will give a relaxed and unstructured appearance.

In the footwear section you should choose sneakers which has a matching color with your hoodies. For example if your hoodie is in black and has some other color like red, then you should add sneakers in the red color.


This one might have hit some people by shock but yes you can style your skirts with jeans without even looking out of place. Having this combination in your wardrobe is important as it allows you to wear a skirt during the colder season without even making your legs cold.

Starting with the styling section, you can start by grabbing a mini skirt which comes with box pleats and wear them with some skinny fitted jeans. This combination is a great option to have because it creates a physical difference in your appearance.

Another way you can style your skirt with jeans is by creating a contrasting image. In case your jeans are in black color, then try using a skirt which is in white or any other color which is contrasting with your jeans.

Shirts to style with your skirt

Shirts are pretty amazing choice to have when you want to style them with skirts. Apart from this there are some must have shirts which you should have in your wardrobe. To make things simple for you’re here are different shirts that you can style with your skirts:

Hooded Sweatshirt
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The main reason why skirts are so popular among women is because of the comfort it comes with along with the style. You can style your skirt with some hooded sweatshirts which are also known for the comfort level it comes with.

To create a wholesome outfit you should start things off with an oversized hoodie and pair it with a flowy skirt which has different patterns on them. This outfit combination is great for your daily work like grocery shopping or just meeting up with your friends.


There are a lot of women who do prefer going some crop tops instead of the traditional shirt. The main reason why a lot of women prefer this combination is because of how easy it is to pull them off without even putting any efforts. If you are looking for some crop tops which are better than the usual ones, then going with boxy crop tops will be an amazing idea. This crop top will help in creating an amazing contrast especially when paired with pencil skirts.

Ruffled Blouse   
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As we all know there are different types of shirts and a lot of them just act as a base and lets the skirt do all the job and have the attention. However, ruffled blouse is something different because of the colors it has along with the fancy feel it comes with. When it comes to the fabric, then it comes something which is semi-transparent. Therefore, if you are planning to go with the ruffled blouse, then the best way to do it is by pairing them with a basic pencil skirt. The basic skirt is helpful here because it helps in taking the glamour away from itself and lets the shirt do the job.

White dress shirt

If you are looking for a shirt which is neutral in nature, then going with the classic white dress shirt is the deal. You can style these shirts with almost anything and in different styles without looking out of place. The main reason why you should pair your white dress shirt with skirts is because it helps in highlighting your skirt. If you are main aim is to create a look which has your skirt as the highlighting feature, then going with a white dress shirt is a great idea. Another outfit which you can have with your white dress shirt is by pairing it with your black skirt.

Outfit ideas with different types of skirt

Here are some outfits that you can try with different skirts:

Pencil Skirt

If you are planning to wear your skirt to your work, then going for a pencil skirt will absolutely do the job. Pair them with some black blazer and a crisp white shirt and you have an amazing outfit.

Checkered Skirt

Checkered skirts are pretty stylish and have their own charm to it. You can style them by pairing it with some fitted turtleneck and you have an outfit which is charming and attractive at the same time.

Denim skirt
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The classic blue denim skirt can be styled with a fitted tank top in white color. This combination is pretty simple and has that artistic appeal to it. You can use this outfit idea for your everyday wear.

Floral Skirt

Styling a floral skirt is a simple job as you can just pair it with a light pink crop top, and you are good to go.

In conclusion

There are different types of skirts in the fashion world which come in different shapes, sizes, lengths, designs, patterns, style, color, and many other factors. Nonetheless, one thing which is pretty common in every type of skirt is that they are a main part of women’s fashion world.

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