How To Pull Off Pair Of Leather Capris

If you're looking to add some unique and stylish clothes to your wardrobe to increase the fashion game then you should try some leather Capris. Leather Capris are made from the same type of leather as the leather pants are made. Leather Capris don't have the same length as the leather pants and it ends just above your ankles.

Basics of Leather Capris

Before taking about how to wear it and other stuff let’s look at the fabric. Leather Capris also have other names like flood pants or high water. Leather Capris are longer than shorts but shorter than pants. Leather Capris are of the same style as leather pants but the only difference is the length.

Leather capris were first revealed in the 1950s and were worn by English socialite Bunny Rogers.

Importance of real leather

Whenever you're out shopping for any leather products make sure you're going with real leather and not fake or faux leather. There are some manufacturers who go with faux leather for their capris to cut some price but you need to know that you're going to get lose some features as well like durability and style.

You should always go with genuine leather because they are worth considering the price you're going to pay for it. A good quality leather-like napa leather is a great choice as they are really soft and comfortable and will last for a longer time.

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Choose the Desired Length

Except for the correct fabric, you should also consider the length if your capris as per your desire. There are no leather capris which are available in full length as then there will be no major difference between them and leather pants. It is important to choose the correct type of length

Therefore, it’s important to identify your desired length so that you’ll be able to choose the right pair of leather capris. A higher length would be preferred if you're buying in winter as they will protect your legs in harsh winters but in hot summers you would prefer a shorter length considering your legs will feel freer.

Accessorise with some Belt

Considering the length of your capris you should add some accessories like belts to make you look more complex. A belt has a lot of benefits when paired some capris like it will hold your capris at its place because if they are big on your waist there are chances of falling down. Belts will also allow you to add some more colors to your outfit and make it look more attractive and classy.  


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Leather capris are made from leather so you should go with some leather belts for accessorizing. There are a lot of fabrics a belt is available on but the best one will always remain a leather one because of its class and versatility. Leather belts can be worn with a lot of different outfits even with your capris. The only thing which you should remember is to choose the correct color and style.

Be careful of Wrinkles

There are very few chances of leather capris to get any wrinkles but they can get some if you don't maintain it properly. If you so any wrinkle by any means you should not wear them and let them get smooth so that the wrinkles vanish. You can also remove wrinkles from your leather capris just by hanging them on a hanger. But how does hanging them will help in removing wrinkles well its simple science as gravity will pull the leather down. There is no need to use iron or any other anti-wrinkle stuff as just hang them and you will get the wrinkle-free leather piece.

Condition Your Leather Capris

Just like any other leather item you need to get it conditioned if you want it to last longer and be free from any dryness. Before conditioning you need to know some basics about your fabric like genuine leather is like a sponge and it can absorb moisture from its sides and just like it absorbs moisture it can also release moisture from its surface.

If you want to prevent your leather from getting all dry and dead then you should condition them which you can do with the help of some cream or lotion which are made for leather.

Choose the Right Top

A correct top is as important as your bottom so make sure that you're going with a great one. If you're going with some top which isn’t going well with your capris then you will end up with weird looking attire.

There are a lot of women who think that your top should match with your capris like black on black or white on white. There is nothing wrong with this type of styling but it is better to go with a different color for a better look. You can go with some combinations like black on white or any other color which suits with your capris.


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