Choosing the Perfect Leather Shorts

If you're admiring all the leather shorts and have finally decided to buy one than congratulations!! But before you start your shopping you need to know that if you get it wrong your whole attire will just drop in fashion. Leather shorts have a lot of different variety in designs and shape so make sure you're going with the perfect one.

Here are some steps which you should follow while buying your leather shorts.

Go With Genuine Leather

Genuine leather is preferred in shorts but make sure you're not buying faux leather which is also called artificial leather which looks very similar to real leather but is not as it is made from synthetic leather and doesn’t provide the durability and softness of real leather. Genuine leather shorts will cost more than artificial leather ones, but the price is worth it.  

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Check the Rise

Whenever you're shopping any bottoms like trousers or skirt, always check the rise, but what is rise? The distance from crotch seam to the waistband is known as the rise. There different types of rise out there like high, mid, and low as the name suggest the high will be higher on your waist, low will be lower and medium will be in the middle. You can choose any one it all depends on you and your taste.

Standard vs. Cargo

The only difference between cargo and standard style is the difference in pockets and its size, if you're going with standard ones than it might have pockets and sometimes small pockets but in cargo styles shirts you will find pockets but deeper than the standard ones. There are a lot of people who choose cargo for obvious reasons which is deeper pockets as it is more practical.

Leather Rider Ladies Black Lamb Leather Shorts


The most important thing which you should always remember no matter what you're buying. You will see many difference in two pairs of shorts made from genuine leather so make sure you're buying the one which is best in quality. You can also look for nappa leather which is one of the best in terms of softness. Nappa leather is very soft because of its small and fine grains so whenever you're confused in leather quality always go with nappa leather.

Choose the Correct Length

There are a lot of different lengths available in the skirt section like small, mid-length long, etc. The length of your skirt totally depends on you and your style as you're going to wear it not me.

Check the Buttons and Zipper

While you're looking at the design of your leather skirt make sure you are also checking all the buttons and zippers. It is important as you don't want to wear a leather skirt which has low-quality buttons and zippers as no one wants wardrobe malfunction to happen.

Choose a Fitting Color

There are a lot of people who are in a misconception that brown and black are the only color available when it comes to leather items (they are wrong). Black and brown are the most popular color for leather items but there are many other colors out there which are worth experimenting with.

But, which is the best color for leather shorts?

Black and brown are very popular and there is a reason for it as they are very versatile and can go with almost every outfit. If you want a modern and formal look you can go with black and if you're looking for something more traditional brown is the option. But if you're an alien and don't like these colors than you can stand out of the crowd and go with other colors like blue, dark green or other pretty shades.

Look for Features

 Obviously, you will look for different and unique features in shorts and why not. There are many shorts which come with different designs and features like a leather skirt with frill which are only there for style. Having ruffles will make your skirt stand-out of the crowd. There are other designs like some shorts come with a bit of embroidery on the sides which is a bit rare in shorts.

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