Everything You Should Know About Shoe Shining

Do you remember how it felt to buy a brand-new vehicle? the aroma of new leather and the shine of painted surfaces in the sunlight. Purchasing a new car is a feeling as well as an investment. The same applies to purchasing a fresh set of shoes.

Brand-new shoes, particularly those made of leather, smells opulent and appears exquisite. They have a wonderful aroma and a lovely appearance. Every shoe-buying tale follows a same pattern. When you find a pair of shiny footwear, you purchase these, use them a few times, and after that they begin to wear out.

The shiny sneakers you purchased are no longer visible. To be completely honest, we caused it. We no longer know how to take care of shoes. In addition, we have only ever heard about cleaning footwear in movies set in the 17th or 18th centuries, just to spout some facts.

Is it mandatory to shine your shoes?

Why not check to see whether your shoes genuinely need to be shined before jumping to the section below this one to determine what footwear polishing equipment you require?

Your odds of needing to wash your footwear increase as you use them more frequently. You are not required to stock up on resources just however if your sneakers are spanking new and shining. However, a shoe polish is your best bet if your footwear have shed their sparkle and are fairly drab.

Important shoe shine supplies

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There are a huge variety of materials that can be used to make shoes. The list includes leather, suede, polyester, and much more. Even leather comes in so many varieties. Understanding your fabric is crucial since it affects the shoe-polishing methods you might employ.

A brush, a cotton cloth, and a set of gloves should be sufficient for you to understand how to polish footwear without polish. The footwear shall be spotless but unpolished. You are going to need polish if you desire the genuine stuff.

The procedure of shining shoes is made considerably simpler by the variety of creams and polishes that are easily accessible. To reach the cracks and crevices of your beloved set of footwear, several shoe brushes are indeed necessary. After assembling all the necessities, it is time to polish your footwear.

Shinning your shoes

The time is here to shine your shoes and below are some of the important steps which you should follow to achieve that shiny footwear.

Prepare Your Shoes 
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Giving your footwear a thorough cleaning is necessary before applying polish. Put on gloves and sweep any dirt or dust from the footwear with something like a cloth (or a shoe brush). To prevent further polish stains, make absolutely sure the footwear are completely dry and remember to take off any laces.

To get rid of any dirt, move the brush back and forth. When you do this, you can ensure that your footwear receive an even coating of polish and get shiny shoes as a result.


As we have seen, there are many different types of leather. Every type of leather patinas differently. This is how top-grain leather may be distinguished from its thin substitutes. One such kind of leather that really gets better-looking with use is crazy horse leather. It is the best there is, so shoe shining would not be necessary too frequently.

Having saying that, the majority of leather does need to be polished. In order to achieve a professional finish, use a welt brush to first add a little polish to the welt. After that, use a mat and some polish to rub the shoe in round motions. Do not forget to push down to give out a lovely sheen.

Understand the fabric

The most common footwear to receive footwear polishing are leather footwear. As previously stated, there are various varieties of leather. Real leather against imitation leather, soft leather versus firm leather, damaged leather versus clean leather, and so on.

You must determine the type of hide you have before using any polish. Waxing and polishing are the best options for footwear made of more durable leather. More maintenance is needed for softer leathers, though. They require creams and conditioners to stay supple and odor-free. Apply a small amount of the substance on a brush or rag and rub it on the shoe in circular motions.


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You can use a cleaning brush to brush the shoe with long, strong strokes once the shoe polish has dried and the shoes have been polished. This will get rid of the extra polish and increase the shine. Re Lace the shoes after brushing them. Now that you have a pair of dazzling shoes, you are prepared to face the world.

Time to Drying

You can take a break once you have polished the footwear completely, paying special attention to the sides and heels. What is the drying time for shoe polish? Although it only requires approximately 20 minutes, it is best to let the footwear overnight so that the polish can really penetrate the pores and produce an equal sheen. Right now, don't we desire shiny footwear?

Tricks for maintaining your shoes

You are probably wondering how frequently you should shine your shoes. Actually, it relies on the kind and grade of leather used to make the footwear. the design, as well as how frequently you use it. By following a few easy tips, you can stop frequently shining your shoes.

  • Constantly make absolutely sure that your shoes stay dry; moisture will only taint the leather's surface and general look.
  • To extend a shoe's wear life, consider using the same pair of shoes nearly every day.
  • Silicone bags can be included to preserve the leather fresh.
  • Keep your footwear in their original boxes and cover them in paper.

Without needing to footwear polish your shoes consistently, these simple techniques can offer you shiny shoes.

Shoe Shining Is Back And For All The Right Reasons!

Let us be honest. We have become sluggish because of all the advances in science and technology. Even something as straightforward as shining shoes has become work for us. It is vital to occasionally stand back and carry out tasks the traditional way.

Although learning how and where to apply polish and polishing leather footwear may seem antiquated, we assure you that your shoes require this. In conclusion, it is recommended to spend in a quality shoe polishing kit if you do not want to spend several hundred dollars on fresh sets of footwear each year. Who really does not adore a nice set of shiny shoes, too?

In conclusion

We prefer to refer to shoe polishing as a forgotten art. It is an inexpensive method that enables your footwear to endure for many years. All that is needed is a little amount of time e, some supplies, but also skill. Do you feel you will manage it? Take your footwear and start shining them.

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