Dos and Don'ts of Leather Pants

Leather pants are something that will guarantee that they will stay with you for a very long time. Leather pants are available in a wide variety like edgy, sporty, etc. before taking the next step you should know some Dos and Don'ts for leather pants and its styling look as they have the potential to be a wardrobe essential.

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Do: pair it with items like a denim jacket, lightweight tee, with contrasting fabric (obviously).

Don't: pairing it with a matching leather jacket. When it comes to pairing the same fabric denim is the best way to go. When it comes to pairing leather the best way to go is monochrome.

Do: Try a slouchy style.

Skinny leather pants are amazing for dressing it in a casual or silhouette as well. You can tuck a classic white T-shirt for an amazing casual look which also looks effortless.

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Don't: pairing them with athletic footwear. Pairing your leather pants with sports shoes is just like wearing leather pants to a gym.

Do: pairing it with some lighter shades like blue or pink. As the leather give some ‘Am a tough guy’ vibes try matching it with something more chill.

Don't: Choosing leather pants of lighter shades. Darks shades like black, brown, or maroon can always work but light shade like pink or yellow is too loud and takes some efforts to pull off.

Do: Go with a blazer.

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Blazers are an amazing and stylish option when it comes to pairing leather pants. They give an effortless yet classy look to your style.

Don't: try this style at your workplace. Yes, it does has a formal style to it but it’s not appropriate for your office

Do pairing leather pants with a formal shirt.

You can go for skinny leather pants or leggings which are great for people who were looking for a tight leather bottom.

Don't: Pairing your leather leggings with a crop top.

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