Cleaning Your Waterproof Jackets-Cleaning And Reproofing

Having a waterproof jacket is a great thing and it can save you from water and snow and will keep your clothes clean.

Cleaning and reproofing a jacket is not a difficult job to do as it will require just some cleaning items and a waterproof detergent.

Start your cleaning by removing all the stains as soon as you see them with the help of sponge and make sure you are not rubbing them as it will just spread it and can also harm your jacket.

Clear all of your pockets and make sure that there is nothing inside and close all the zippers as the washer can harm them and make them loose.

Clean the surface of your jacket with some warm water and soak them in and make sure that there are no dirt particles on your jacket and try not to sue any sort of harsh sponge to clean it.
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Now add some waterproof detergent in your washer and make sure that you read the label on how to use it.

Before you start your washer make sure that you are checking the label of your jacket as well and how you are supposed to wash it as different material have different cleaning methods.

Before starting any of this process make sure that you have cleaned your washer as well and there is no leftover detergent from your previous wash as it can harm your jacket and its waterproof quality.

Start the washing with as warm water and keep the spin at fast and if your machine as it then makes sure you keep it at wash and rinse as well.  If you can see the temperature of the water than start it by keeping it at 30°C and wash it twice for good results.

To dry your jacket check the label before doing anything and set the temperature and spin accordingly and if there is nothing mentioned in your jacket then the most preferred spin setting is low.

Reproofing Your Jacket
How to Reproof a Waterproof Jacket – Stitch & Simon

You can reproof your jacket as well but make sure that you have some good enough and open space.

You can also clip your jacket and make sure that you can see all the part of your jacket as you're going to apply some spray.

Start the spraying by keeping it at least 5 inches away from the jacket and then cover all the parts of the jacket.

There are different types of waterproofing sprays available and you can buy them online and in retail shops as well.

Clean the drenching spray with a moist cloth. Dip a clean cloth in warm water and just dap on the dripping areas but make sure that you are cleaning the areas where the spray is overflowing.

Leave your jacket out for some good amount of time and just don’t touch it I know it can be tempting but please control and keep checking on it just by tapping it lightly after some hours.

After it is fry dd an extra coating and spray it as you have done it before but focus more on the areas which are used and exposed more.

And leave it again just how you did after the first coating and keep checking on it as ell but just by tapping it lightly.

It is not necessary that every time you wash your jacket you have to reproof it and only do it whenever you feel like it is losing its waterproof ability.

You can also add some waterproofing detergent with the cleaning detergent inside the cleaner when you're washing the jacket.


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