Styling With Leather Trench Coat Tips And Tricks

What was the trench coat used for?

The leather trench coats were first made during the WWI and were made for soldiers as an alternative option for bulky coats. The name comes from trenches which was made to protect the soldiers from different climates. These trenches did had some modifications like shoulder straps and rings which made it more practical.

The atmosphere was not the best during the WWII and the officers had to wore something which will keep them warm without messing the practicality. In no time other nations did started adopting leather trench coats. Leather trench coats are great and still fashionable even after so many years.

Choosing the first leather trench coats:
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Leather trench coats which you get today are a bit different from the trench coats which were made during the WWI. There are different types of styles and lengths in terms of leather trench coats.

If you're someone who is looking a bold look then you can go with a trench coat with the length up to your knees and for something more relaxed you can go with a length which is around your mid-thigh. You can pair your leather trench coat with different outfits because they are versatile and can provide you the required warmth.

Feature of leather trench coats:
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  • Double-Breast: leather trench coats come with double breast because that is a way of paying homage to all the historical coats used during wars.
  • Collar: trench are meant to provide protection from harsh winters therefore they come with large collars.
  • Belt: just like any other leather trench coats they do come with belts to provide better fit.
  • Material: in terms of material for trench coats leather is one of the best because of the features it can provide you.
  • Length: there are different types of length which you can get depending on what you're looking for. You have options from inches above floor to mid-thigh.
  • Sleeve Loops: there are leather trench coats which have tight sleeves especially near the wrist area to avoid any freezing wind or rain from entering the coat.


Factors to consider before opting for any leather trench coat:

If you have made your mind to purchase a leather trench coat then there are a few things which you should consider before buying any leather trench coat. Start by choosing a coat which is made from good quality leather and cowhide is a great option because it has different features like soft texture and durability which makes it suitable for leather trench coats.

Fitting of your leather trench coat:

Your leather trench coat should not feel like your second skin because you're going to use them as a layering apparel. Whenever you're checking the fit make sure you're checking these three aspects correctly:

Shoulders: the shoulders of your leather trench coat should have an inch of space for anything you're going to wear under it.

Chest: whenever you're trying a leather trench coat make sure the chest area is not tight because you will need some space for your clothes underneath it and it shouldn’t look too snuggy.

Sleeves: the sleeves should be longer than normal sleeves.

Retail vs. custom:

There is no doubt that leather trench coat is a great fashion piece. If you're someone who is facing quite a problem in choosing the best type of leather trench coat then going custom is a great option and will save a lot of time as well. By opting for a leather trench coat you do get a lot of freedom when it comes to style, design, length, and basically everything.

Styling with leather trench coats:

There are different types of colors available in your leather trench coats, therefore we have categorized them in classic and bold:
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                                        Classic leather trench coat

Classic: in the classic you will see colors like black, brown, cream, etc. which can be considered as the safer option and they are versatile color options as well.
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                                    Bold color leather trench coat

Bold – this is where things take a different turn and today finding a leather trench coat in bold color is not a difficult thing to do. Here you will get color options like red, blue, maroon, and what not. Having a bold colored leather trench coat will help in adding that extra spice to your over-all attire.

Occasions to wear your leather trench coats:

You cannot literally wear your leather trench coat to any occasion, but you can decide depending on what season you're going to wear them and as they are mostly worn in summers and spring because they are not the best thing you can have to save you from harsh winters but is a great way to have a better looking attire. You can pair your leather trench coat to a casual attire like jeans, and some casual basic and to finish off your attire you can add some Chelsea boots. Leather trench coats are pretty versatile which means you can wear it with different styles and outfits without looking out of place.

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