Micro-Trends Which You Should Try This Winter

You must own a lot of different trendy apparels for your winter wardrobe like leather jackets but if you still think there is something missing than we introduce you to micro trends.

Imagine you standing in front of your wardrobe looking to pair something with your amazing leather jacket, this where micro trends come in play as you can add them to your trendy winter apparels to have a complete attire.

What are the things which you can pair with your leather jacket? Well, it depends on the season you're in.

You can pair different apparels with your leather jacket which varies from season to season, this is enough to prove that leather jackets are one of the most versatile apparels.

Here are some styles which you can try with your leather jacket

Green Sweater

When it is cold outside you can add some sweater to your leather jacket. In leather jacket you can go with biker leather jacket.


A white shirt

Looking for something simple yet attractive? A white shirt paired with some bomber leather jacket which comes with a fur collar. Complete your outfit by pairing some blue jeans.

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Black shirts

You can pair a crisp black shirt with Shearling coat style jacket is a perfect pair for a formal event.

Red sweater and some blue jeans

You can go with a different styled leather jacket like a distressed one and can combine your favourite red sweater and blue jeans which is a relaxed and causal outfit for a fun weekend and finish off your outfit you can add some shades and boots.

Dress blue shirt and dark brown pants

Bring some fresh air in your wardrobe by adding a brown leather jacket and you can make an outfit out of it by pairing a blue formal shirt and brown bottoms but in darker shades.

Black t-shirt

Pairing a black tee with your bomber styled leather jacket is something which any one can go for irrespective of their age and if you're on the older side then this will give some young vibes to add some extra class

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Black outfit

If you're a biker then you should try going with an all-black attire which does gives you that powerful and alpha vibe whenever you're out riding.

The formal style

In any formal event you must be looking for something which will give you that crisp oven hot appeal and you can get that by pairing some simple formal apparels like a shirt, vest, tie and layer it with your amazing quilted leather jacket.

You can follow the tips mentioned above to get some good-looking attire which will give your confidence a great boost. You can always make some changes to these outfit ideas as per your preferences but make sure that you have a good quality leather jacket.  


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