How Should Your Dress Shirt Fit- A Size Guide

When we look at the fashion world, then the first thing which we can find constant here is the evolving nature. Irrespective of the nature of fashion, there are a lot of people who tend to forget the basics. One of the basics which we would be talking about is the fitting of your dress shirts. Getting the wrong shirt for any occasion is pretty easy and can completely ruin your whole outfit. If we look at men’s wardrobe, then having a perfectly fitted dress shirt is a must.

However, if you tend to not care about the overall fitting and size of your dress shirt, then you can face some problems like looking out of place, sweating if the fitting is too tight, and can also affect your overall posture.

When it comes to the shirts, then you cannot just find a free-size because there are times when it will fit you perfectly on one part but might be too tight or loose.

Nonetheless, the main question which we can find here is how should the dress shirt fit you and to give you a proper answer we have prepared an amazing article.

How does the perfect dress shirt looks like?

For Shoulders

A perfectly fitted shirt will come with a seam that you can find on the top section of your shoulder. What should be the correct tightness for your shirt be depending on the shoulder. The point for your shoulder tends to be from your shoulder to necks. There can be a chance that some part of your sleeves might just lie around your shoulders which can cause some wrinkles.

In case you are planning to wear a dress shirts which is on the looser side, then the chances of getting a sack bag on your arms. Having these type of problems would increase the chance of getting a ballooning effect which will have an impact on the overall appearance. When you tend to have a dress shirts that comes with a loose fitting, then you can get a wider appearance more than the actual width of your upper body.

For your shoulders things tend to be measured properly because it helps in gaining the correct fit for your ties. When the seam of your dress shirts is sticking up with your neck, then you should know that the dress shirt is just too tight. Another factor which you should remember here are armholes because you can check if they are tight or loose. In usual scenario the armhole should be big enough to avoid shoulder seams from getting twisted. Whenever you wear a shirt make sure that it allows your arm to do the usual movement.

Length for your perfectly fitted shirt

As we are talking about dress shirts, then it is important to choose one which has enough length to let you tuck it in. Apart from this you should also remember that the length should be good enough to be worn without tucking it in. for example the perfect length of your shirt should end in between your butt pockets. Whenever you are looking for a perfect fitting for your dress shirt, then it is really important to choose the correct length.

The correct length which you should be looking for is anything which is few inches below from the location of your belt. Another way of checking the length of your shirt is by tucking them in your pants and stretching your hands straight upwards. Whenever you are tucking your shirt and it tends to cover your belt from the back, then the length is pretty amazing.


When it comes to choosing the fitting for your collar, then you should look for enough room to have two fingers. If the shirt you have can fit more than two fingers, then you should look for something else as it is oversized.

The actual size of your collar can be different ranging from small to large. Whenever you are buying a button-up shirt try checking how the collar looks and fits on you. When the collar tends to have that scraped look, then it can affect the overall appearance.

Whenever you are deciding a shirt always measure your collar to make sure you have the perfect size. The correct way to measure your collar is by unbuttoning it and just measure the collar. Start measuring your collar from the first button till the buttonhole. The measurement for your collar should be correct because it helps in getting the perfect fitting for your shirt.

In case you are going with an expensive shirt and the fitting of your collar is not perfect, then the overall appearance will just go down the hill.

When it comes to a great dress shirts, then the collar should slightly touch the skin on your skin without actually suffocating you when the shirt is fully buttoned. As mentioned above there should be enough room to have two fingers.

Fitting on your chest

When it comes to the fitting of your shirts, then making sure it fits perfectly on your chest is important. Gaining a great level of comfort with your dress shirt is a sign that you have the perfect fitting. The overall fitting on your chest, traps, and armpits should not hinder with the basic body movements.

Another factor which you should keep in your mind here is to check how easy or difficult it is to button your shirt. If you find absolutely no problem, then the chances of having a perfectly fitted dress shirt increases. Having decent room around your chest region is important to make sure the shirt does not affect your body movement. To make sure your shirt fits you correctly try sitting and walking in them as it helps in checking how the shirt feels.

Measuring your armholes for the perfect fitting shirt

When we are talking about armholes, then they do play a vital role for different fitting factors like shoulders and chest. There are multiple brands all over the world who provide bigger armholes for bigger sized shirts which is a great option for people who are on the big side. One important pointer which you should check with any type of shirt is extra fabric on the underarm. Comfort and movability should be an important factor to remember irrespective of what shirt you are going with.

Fitting of your sleeve for the dress shirt

When it comes to armholes, then going with something which is high is important because it helps in covering your arms without having any additional fabric. Coming to the scuff of your sleeves, then you should be looking for something that ends at the ending of your thumbs.

One important thing which you should always avoid is having extra fabrics for your sleeves. You can judge the overall tightness of your shirt by looking at the fabric hanging from he sleeves.

When you wear a shirt and it tends affect your basic body movement, then you should know that the overall fitting of your shirt is not the best thing. Therefore, the length of your sleeves should be an inch or two of fabric extending from your arms. If you are looking to have some extra fabric, then there should not be any extra width near the cuffs.

Final word

When it comes to the fitting of your dress shirt, then these were some of the important points which you should always remember. irrespective of what the price of your shirt is, checking these factors should be your priority. If you buy an expensive shirt thinking it will fit you magically perfect, then you are wrong because checking these important factors is really important. All the efforts you have put into choosing the correct shirt will go down the drain if you underestimate the overall fitting of your shirt.

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