Fixing Peeling Issue In Faux Leather

There are a lot of people who like to wear faux or artificial leather mostly because of their love towards animal as real leather is made from animal skin. In terms of appearance you will look amazing and attractive in faux leather too and they are more affordable as well. if you're using faux leather jacket for a long time then you might start to see some peels.

A Warning

Faux leather is made from base fabric and polyurethane coating which will cause some peeling as time goes on. A lot of fashion experts do say that when your faux leather jackets starts to peel it’s the time to buy a new one but there are tips which you can follow to fix them.

Permanent Marker or a Shoe Polish

Start by using a sandpaper to remove some flaking faux leather by moving your hand in circular motions with some pressure. After this grab a marker pen which matches well with your jacket’s color. If you're jacket is not black in color then you're in some trouble but isn’t impossible. The peeling will leave some discoloring and faded effect then make sure you're tracing that area correctly.

It might be a bit weird but you can apply some shoe polish as well. You can also use a rag make sure it is clean and smear it in your jacket.

Leather Paint

Before using leather paint make sure that you're removing all the loose peelings and keeping the surface clean.

Choose the paint which suits you're leather perfectly and then start the usage by applying the paint with the help on a paintbrush and apply it on the peeled off region. Apply the paint using horizontal strokes and make sure that you're covering the area correctly. After painting make sure that you let it dry for at least half an hour. After the first coating dried you can apply some other coats as well which will help in preventing it from having a weird look. If your leather feels like dry which is rare as leather paint always looks shinny and wet but if it’s not then you can touch feel if it is sticky or not.

After you're done with your paining then apply high-gloss finish to your leather. Finishing paint can also help in making your faux leather durable and can apply it all over the leather as well.

Soft Filler

Remove all the loose leather and don't overdo it. Start applying the soft filler on the removed area with a knife. Apply an inch of it and smear on the peeled section and make sure that you're not applying it on any damaged portion.

This filled will also give your faux leather a vinyl-style texture. After applying the filler leave it for 20 minutes and leave it untouched. After it apply the filler again and make sure that it it’s not touching the healthy areas of your jacket.

For more texture you can use a plastic wrap by first wrapping it around hand and press softly with your wrap onto the filler. If you want you can try and match the pattern of your jacket.

The last thing which you have to do is to use a moist sponge and dip a small portion of it in leather paint for a thin layer and smear it on the damaged area with smooth strokes.


Buy More Fabric

If you're comfortable then you can buy some extra faux leather and just attach it to the damaged area with the help of sewing and if you loving sewing then this is a great of fixing your faux leather jackets.

Why should you bother fixing a faux leather jacket?

The answer totally depends upon you if it’s your favourite leather jacket then you should fix it. If it is not the best thing in your wardrobe then it is better to donate or throw it away.

It is better to sell your jacket if you have started to see some small damage as the money will help in buying something new.

Nail Polish

You can purchase any clear nail polish and just use it onto the damaged surface. As always before applying anything make sure than you’re removing all the unwanted and loose faux leather.

Nail polish will do the work but it is not the best thing to try as it won’t stop the faux leather from any future peeling and flaking. Trying this method will make the peeled side asymmetrical therefore it is better to make sure that both the sides are same and you can do that by peeling it and making use a marker or any other way to make it symmetrical.

Will it make your leather worse?

If you're not doing these fixing correctly then you can make damage you coat. Therefore if you're trying to fix it do it properly.

But is nail polish good for your faux leather jacket?

There is no problem in using nail polish or any other items to fix faux leather. You can use both permanent marker and nail polish to fix your faux leather jacket like using a permanent marker and then sealing it with a nail polish.

You can skip the permanent marker part and directly use a nail polish which is the same color as your jacket but it can be a tough job to find the same color if your jacket is not black.

Additional Tips

It is better to work in a decently light room as you will see to color in a better way.

Before you start any of your work make sure you have everything including tools ready.

You should be quick in some steps but make sure that you're not making a mess while doing it as it can affect your jacket.

If you're using any sharp or pointed tools make sure you're not damaging anyone or anything including yourself.

Pros about Permanent Marker or Shoe Polish is that they are affordable easy to use and won’t make a big mess.


It won’t work well without any sealant like nail polish and might be difficult to find the exact color as your jacket.

If you like these small articles for fixing faux leather then don’t forget to send it to your friends and help them.

Sometimes it is better to sell away things as their value in terms of money will go down and one day it’s worthless.


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