Cleaning Your Leather Jacket Professionally At Home

If you are someone who loves to wear your leather jacket on daily basis then, taking care of it is one of the most important thing which you should consider. Leather jacket is a piece of fashion which requires some good level of maintenance and care. There is no doubt that leather jackets are one of the best type of fashion apparel which you can have in your wardrobe and is mostly considered as an investment considering the properties it offers.

Leather jackets needs care to make sure they tend to stay for some good number of years and even decades. Nonetheless, when it comes to taking care of leather jackets it is completely fine to have absolutely no knowledge about how to take care of them.

Today, in this blog we will be looking at different ways to take care of your leather jacket to ensure that it stays in the top condition for the longest time.

Maintaining leather jacket in brand new condition

When it comes to leather jacket for men and women, the first thought which just flies into your brain is the different ways of washing them. Focusing on your leather jacket in the beginning phase is important because it will help in the long run.

It is necessary to buy a leather protector when you want to take care because it will help in providing that resistance against stains. Just spray the leather protector on your leather jacket before wearing it and you are good to go and repeat it on daily basis if needed.

In case you are going for another cleaner, then make sure you use it on a specific place to check if the product will work and does not cause any damage.

Cleaning your leather jacket at home
How to Professionally Clean Leather Jacket at Home?

There is no doubt that leather jackets are expensive and if you go wrong in taking care of it, then it can cause a lot of damage to your leather jacket which might not be reversible. To make sure your leather jacket does not get into this situation, then follow the simple cleaning tips which will help in enhancing the age of your leather jacket.

Most of the stains on your leather jacket can be cleaned with the help of a clean and delicate cloth along with some mild soap water.

Here are some basic tips you can follow for cleaning your leather jacket:

Here are some guidelines which you can follow to get rid of some difficult stains from your leather jacket.

  • Start things off with the help of a soft and clean cloth along with some mild soapy water. Dip the cleaning cloth into the soapy water and make sure you rinse out all the excessive water and just wipe it on the dirty spots of your leather jacket. This procedure will help in cleaning different types of unwanted items like dirt, dust, and stains as well.
  • Make sure you clean your collars and sleeves frequently because they are difficult to remove stains.
  • In case you have any big stains, then make sure you use good amount mild soap water on the affected area and wipe it in circular motions.
  • When the stains are all gone, make sure you wipe that area with a dry cloth to make sure there is no excessive water on your leather.
  • To make sure your leather jacket is dry keep it in a slightly airy place.
  • When the leather jacket is nice and dry, continue the maintaining process by applying some wax or polish to make it look better

  Whenever you are cleaning these dirt and stains, make sure you avoid using too much of water and pressure while rubbing it because it will cause damage to your leather jacket which is something no one wants.

In case there is a stain on your leather jacket which just refuses to leave, then instead of applying extra pressure and soap water, try using some other cleaning methods.

Cleaning rough stains from your leather jacket
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Grease & Oil stains

The first simple thing which you can go to get rid of tough stains from your leather jacket is sprinkling some corn starch which will help in cleaning it with ease. Make sure the corn starch is nicely absorbed into the surface of your leather jacket. After this, lather up the surface and just clean it off. with the help of this step, you can clean different types of oil and grease stains.

Liquid Stain

In case your leather jacket has any liquid stains, then it is advised to clean it off the moment that stain occurs. You can them instantly with the of a cleanser or even water. Keep wiping the surface in circular motion unless the stain is gone and make sure you are not applying too much pressure on your leather jacket.

Ink Stain

When it comes to ink stains using a cleaner is the best thing to do to eliminate them. Use the cleaner with delicacy alongside some water to make sure the ink stain is eliminated from the surface of your leather jacket.

Hand washing your leather jacket

Hand washing your leather jacket is something which you should do a few times. However, when it comes to washing leather jacket with your hand, you have to be extra cautious.

Nonetheless, here are some steps which you can follow for hand washing your leather jacket:

  • Start things off by filling container or sink with some water and add some mild soap accordingly. Using mild detergent is important because it will reduce the chances of damaging your leather jacket.
  • Dip your leather jacket into the water
  • Make sure the leather jacket stays there for at least 10 minutes.
  • In case you have some small stains on your leather jacket, then you can use a soft brush to clean it off.
  • Take out the leather jacket and make sure you rinse off all the excessive water.
  • After this you can keep your leather jacket in clean water and get all of that water out.
  • When you are done with all of this step, make sure you dry the leather off by air drying it.
  • When your leather is all dry and clean, finish things off by using a leather conditioner.

Machine washing leather jacket?
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If you have tried almost everything and the stain is still nice and healthy, then machine washing is something which you can consider, before you just chuck your leather jacket into the washing machine, there are a few steps you should follow to make sure you avoid damaging your leather jacket at any cost.

  • Before washing your leather jacket make sure it is turned inside out.
  • Strictly follow the cleaning instruction mentioned on the label of your leather jacket to avoid any harm to your leather jacket.
  • Set the temperature to the lowest possible and make sure it does not have any burden.
  • Avoid using any cycles which contains spirals.
  • Avoid drying your leather jacket in a machine and just let it air dry.

Other Tips:

  • Before you get into the washing side of the leather jacket, make sure you get some information regarding how to use a leather jacket to make sure you avoid getting into such situations. However, here are some tips which you can consider:
  • Before you follow any type of washing technique, make sure you read the information label on your leather jacket to know what are the correct ways to take care of your leather jacket. You can also check what type of leather is used in making the jacket and do the cleaning things accordingly.
  • Get some leather conditioners for your leather jacket to make sure the texture stays in the perfect and shiny condition. You can apply your leather conditioner 2 or 3 times every year.
  • When it comes to storing your leather jacket make sure you use a good quality wooden hanger because it will help in maintaining your leather jacket in the best condition.


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