Choosing A Prom Dress Depending On You Body Shape

If you are a teen then you must have though about your prom night at least once. If you don’t know what prom is, then it is a night where you get to dress well and dance with your friends or a potential partner.

Therefore, when it prom night comes choosing the correct type of dress is important but the main question here is how would you know which dress is the best for you. The correct way to choose a prom dress is by looking at options which will go hand in hand with your body type.

Nonetheless, here are some tips which you can consider to start things off

Know Your Shape

It is obvious that every body is beautiful irrespective of the size and shape however there are certain dress which wont look good on every body type. Therefore, it is important to know which dress goes well with your body type.

Start it off by looking at yourself in the mirror and take some pics, now grab a measuring tap and decide which one of these body shapes are you:


When it comes to a rectangle body shape, then all the measuring factors like waist, bust and hips would be the same or have similar measurements. This body type is also known as an athletic body. There are some celebrities which you can consider like Cameron Diaz who have a rectangular body type.


The triangular body shape is also known as the pear shape. Here the body measurements for your hips would be bigger or wider than your shoulders which gives you a triangular body shape. For triangular body shape you can consider Rihanna and Hilary Duff


When it comes to girls who are tall, then things are same as compared to petite, except the height difference. You can be tall and have different body shapes but the only thing which you should consider for choosing prom dress is your height.

Inverted Triangle

This body shape is just the opposite of triangle which gives you shoulders that are bigger than your hips section. There are different celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Kelly Clarkson who have an inverted triangle body type.


Curvy females are also known as an hourglass figure. For an hourglass body, the measurement for bust and hips would be same along with a small waist. For a curvy body type, you can look at celebrities like Christina Hendricks.


In terms of fashion the word petite means a girl who is under 5’3”. Petite can have different body shapes; it is just the height which brings it all together. For petite you can consider celebrities like Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga.

Choosing The Correct Body Type As Per Your Figure

After you know what your body type it, it is time to look at different types of prom dresses which you can wear. When you know your body type it makes it easier for you to decide which prom dress to go with. This will not only help in choosing the correct dress but will also save you some time as well.

Nonetheless, here are some styles which you can consider for your body type:

Prom Dress For Rectangle Figure

For a rectangular dress you can go for dresses which help in adding some level of dynamics to your overall appearance. You can start things off by going with a one shoulder gown which has a unique shape and gives you a great look as well.

In case you want to add some curves to your look, but it is too late to hit the gym, then you can go with an empire waist dress which will highlight your curves. Apart from this you can try going with a trumpet-style gown which will also help in highlighting your hips.

Prom Dresses For Triangle Shape
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When you have a triangle shaped body, you should consider dresses which will help in giving you a balanced look. When it comes to your dress, there are different ways you can achieve it. You can start things off by going with a dress which will give you that symmetrical appearance and the best way to do it is by going with a gown which will just flow over your hips.

There are some A-line dresses which comes with different necklines that you can consider. The neckline is important because it will help in shifting the focus towards the upper section like eyes and shoulders.

Prom Gowns For Curvy Figure

When it comes females who have a curvy body, then it is kind of like a bless because it is easy to style. However, to make sure you have the best look for the prom, try going with a dress which will help in highlighting your waist.

There are different dresses which comes with a fitted waistline which will help in adding a good touch of glamour by being a little tight on the upper body. For the bottom section you can go with anything ranging from flowy to fitted, which ever makes you comfortable.

Prom Dresses For Tall Girls

It is a great blessing to have a great height and when you are styling for your prom, then go making use of that height is important. You can start things off by going with a floor length dress which fits you perfectly.

Prom Dresses For Inverted Triangle

When it comes to girls who have inverted triangular body, then it is pretty simple because you just have to the opposite of triangular body shape. You do not have to attract any eyes towards the upper section of your body and try shifting it towards your hips. There are different types of dresses which will help in defining your waistline and make your hips one of the focal points.

Prom Dresses For Petite Figure

When you are a petite, then try having a more vertical appearance with the help of prom dresses. The best and easiest way to do this is by showing some of your legs. There are different types of prom dresses which comes with asymmetrical cuts, vertical prints, etc. which will give you that taller appearance.

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