Changing The Simple Look Into Punk

The chances of mixing into the normal category are pretty simple and we have are part of it. There is nothing wrong in this but there are a lot of people who tend to be aa part of the corporate world and in the whole process they tend to lose their own identity.

When we were young, we tend to buy different comics especially the Newbury comics. There were some lyrics from different music which we tend to relate to. There were different types of music and punk rock music was getting a lot of attention as well. There are different types of things we used to do in our younger days and imitating things related to the pop culture is one of the things. It is a great thing if you parents had your back during the day when you were following your punk habits.

These habits might have faded when you enter the corporate world because of the difference in fashion. considering you follow the pop culture the chances of rebelling against these corporate norms is obvious and correct as well if done in the correct way.

You might have though of different ways of including different punk culture in your everyday working attires. The basic thing as per different fashionista the basic of getting into the punk fashion is going into the all-black attire including a black eyeliner as well.

Things might sound a bit difficult when it comes to including punk fashion in your everyday wear, but it is a bit easier than that.

Getting punk fashion to your everyday wear might take some time and trips to the near fashion store and for some good time to have the absolutely amazing attire. All of this hard work is worth considering the results.

You do not have to give up everything from your youth just for the corporate outfits. You can work on this for at least a year to get some great level success in including your punk fashion.  

Here are different fashion rules which you can try to include that rock and punk fashion in your working attire without getting fired:

Bling, but with pace
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There are different things in your wardrobe and one of them might be a pentagram earrings which does not gets enough attentions maybe during those dinner nights or during some meetings as well. This will be a great addition which has a cute touch as well. Apart from this these earrings will also attract people know about punk. In case you are not a fan of the pentagram earrings there are some necklace or rings as well which you can consider.

Love the tattoos

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A faded tattoos is one of the worst thing which you can get from tattoos. The time has come when you start treating your tattoos properly and give them some respect. When your tattoos are in the healing stage it is advised to clean it properly.

You should use moisturizer and in case you’re going out of the house always wear sunblock to get the UV protection for the ink. It is not advised to go with tattooing on your neck or hands unless you have already done.

Punk the hair
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Another rule which you have to consider while going punk is having a great and correct haircut. This part can be a little tricky because you do not want any inappropriate haircut which can leave you outside of your workplace.

If you are someone who likes to do some temporary coloring to your hair, then you should try color the back side of your because it is less noticeable there and because it will be highlighted in the fluorescent lighting.

Beauty is black

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There is no doubt that black is a pretty color and if you are coming from the Upper East Side, then it will be a bit easy for you to find some great black-colored apparels. You can start things off by getting some black ankle boots, shirts, skirts, and almost everything you can imagine in our wardrobe without getting any unwanted attention. Apart from this an all-black attire will look good on almost everyone without putting in any excess efforts.

You can go with a black dress which is a pretty versatile because you can wear it to different occasions ranging from dinner dates to office meetings as well.

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