Best Coat Styles All Seasons


Winter is on the edge and this is the opportunity for you people to show off their classy badass jackets and coats. The right coat will not only look good but will also boost your confidence. There are a lot of trends to try out this year. Go for something which is versatile, stylish, good quality and durable. Because you want to go with almost all of your clothes. Style is, of course, good but what about comfort?  No one will look good while shivering. The most important note you should remember before buying a winter coat is that it should be warm and dry.

Parka Jacket

This jacket got its famed green color and fur lining in the 1950s. It was basically evolved for tropical weather. Make sure it is water resistance and don’t feel shy about buying parkas which are man-made technical fabrics because they are better than natural fabrics. If you want it to be warmer go for the one which has down-filled. Go of a loose fit but not to lose as it will look slouchy. Choose a style which hits your mid-thigh to knee length

 Winter Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are in fashion for a decade. This season old-school flight jacket is the one to go for. You can wear it with jeans because they are not as formal as some of the other jackets in this list. The other types of bomber jackets which will add up to your look are sheepskin trim, zipped front or big patch pockets on the front. You can wear them with something light like a shirt or thin knitwear.

Down Jacket

Down jackets are the best when t comes to beat the cold and they are easy to take on and off. Look for parka styled hood for some extra protection. The most common styles for Down Jacket are cropped to the waist slimmer than the Michelin Man and styled with block colors that can pair as easily with tailoring as they do waterproof trousers. The most modern examples, however, add some extras.

Long Coat

This coat is long enough for touching your feet. This year’s trend is going to be long trench coats. It is a coat in which you will never feel cold until you have an air conditioner insides those jackets. You can go with both formal as well as casual loo. For formal wear it with a simple shirt and trousers cause the coat is big enough to catch the eyes. For casual it is still the same any tee will work with some light washed out jeans.

Heritage Overcoat

As winters are becoming colder every year, the overcoat has become more of a fashion piece than a purposeful one.  You can wear it in a number of ways. It goes with your wool trousers and a collared shirt.

Wear it with an oversized coat with a simple T-shirt and light-wash denim. Even some trousers will work. A good overcoat should be able to be dressed up as easily as it can be dressed down.

Belted Coats

Belted coats an autumn/winter trend. This is basically a big soft overcoat with a nice belt that will keep the coat in its place and will definitely hug you. It is surprisingly a very versatile piece of cloth. It can go very formal to wear it over a tuxedo and it will look perfectly at home.

Trench Coats

Trench coats are the easiest to style because of its versatility. Make sure it fits your shoulders well and flows nicely with your body. Go for lightweight, water-repellent material, and the length should be mid-thigh. It can easily be worn over a suit, or dress it down with a check shirt, black jeans and simple white trainers

This winter season, the trench is going to be a bomb. Long and oversized sometimes. Floating and flapping in the wind makes the style more casual.


Shearling material plays poorly with rain. A raincoat should fit perfectly. Don’t go too thin, as you’re going to wear it over a couple of layers, or too big, as it will overcome your shape and, more importantly, let the rain in.

Don’t get fooled by ‘water repellent’, which will work for a small shower, but no rain. Go for a brand that is well-known to make sure that you won’t be fooled. Buy coats which are water and snow proof. It should also allow you enough space for layering. Wearing a full weather jacket might sacrifice your style for practicality, but you can stop that by styling with some bold colors.

Shearling Jacket

Shearling goes very well with a number of fabrics. Leather is the obvious the best one, but denim and wool combinations are also great. Just make sure the rest of your outfit is less noticeable, to let the jacket do the talking. As with any good leather, though, it will age better with time just like wine.

Flight and biker jackets are the clear way to go, but if they’re a little too obvious, channel football managers of the late ’70s with a longer style that hits the mid-thigh.

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